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Caroline Polachek – "Bunny Is A Rider"

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by A&E, Feb 19, 2014.

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    This is fantastic!!! She's an original.
  2. Oh this is a bop! Don't know why but I wasn't expecting it to be uptempo. Back to her Chairlift roots!
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  3. OK Miss Polachek!!

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  4. Bunny is a
    • Rider
    • Bop
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  5. This is a cute moment.
  6. Bunny is a rider INDEED

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  7. The song is great, and the artwork is maybe my favorite single cover in the last few years!

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  8. Yeah this is excellent.
  9. This one is extremely infectious as I have the main hook stuck in my head since I woke up.
  10. Instantly ever song. Those marimba rattles. Kooky, conceptual. The sense of space. Her ululating. The way the track seems to be constantly building up and then deconstructing. Wow, a moment! Monsters Inc. tribute and one of the decade's greatest singles "Door" suddenly found rotting!
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  11. I don't think it's a great song per se but it's a fun reintroduction and first taster of what's to come.
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  12. Song is a bop but would definitely be improved by getting rid of those annoying baby sounds littered across it.
  13. No. Gives me classic Timbaland/Aaliyah vibes.
  14. I’m in love with this infectious bop.
  15. The "baby"-sounds in the background are absolutely adorable (kinda wish Grimes would sample her little X on an upcoming project in a similar way) - the song itself is very fun. Cannot wait for more.
  16. I love this. Her vocals have never sounded better than the last minute.
  17. I'm obsessed with this, that whistle hasn't left my head. Bunny is a rider.
  18. Reading that mini interview & the bit where she talks about having worked on a song with SOPHIE. That it might never see the light of day. I’m sure it would have slapped.
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