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Caroline Polachek - Desire, I Want to Turn Into You (Feb 14)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by A&E, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. These days I wear my body like an uninvited guest

    What a way to open …
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  2. With a plot straight out of Disruptive Films. I love being gay!
  3. Not my basic ass bopping.
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  4. Island

    Island Staff Member

    If y’all need something to tide you over until Caroline’s next album, listen to Hyd’s album. Caroline co-wrote a few of the songs!

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  5. Bullies!! Just kidding, she looked so happy. And the tango/flamenco mashup look is gorgeous.

    But what we really need is an official release of Smoke. Or any release at all.
  6. The whole South American leg seemed to make her very happy. Had the opportunity of seeing her on street with a small group of fans and realized she was kinda emotional. I said something along the lines "Hope you're enjoying the city" and she replied with "I'm so so glad to be here". Security then told she cried on the elevator from "all the love" dd. She's an Angel

    I'm excited for the record. Hoping for something soon. Not sure if I'd like Smoke or something really brand new as a single (and then album coming shortly) but I'm dying for the studio\final version of that.
  7. “Sunset” has taken over my life. What a rush.
  8. I finally got my fiance on board with Caroline, after literally struggling to do so since we met. I snuck 'Sunset' into the mix while we were driving yesterday and as soon as the beat hit he was bopping. Another f*g in the basket!
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  9. I love Possession (1981)
  10. C'mon Scaroline!
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  11. My ghey senses are saying Feb, first week March for album.
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  12. Oh finally something! This album will change my life.
  13. Snippet

    Not sure if it’s been mentioned before, but people went searching through (how vintage) and these seems to be all new songs from the new album

    Pretty In Possible / Crude Drawing Of An Angel / Billions / Just Smoke / Bunny Is A Rider / Blood And Butter / Sunset Intro / Sunset / I Believe / Long Road Home / Vanities Interlude / Art Of War / Welcome to My Island / Angelina
  14. Ok girl with the dragon tattoo
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  15. This is what, the third release this year where this has happened? I know we got the track names for Hold The Girl and I want to say Beatopia or Surrender that way
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  16. Since we’re posting obscure discoveries, I found this earlier this year… I’m assuming the album title is Dang based on the file name here from Aidan Zamiri’s portfolio site.
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  17. Tyra would be proud. Looking forward to her dance record BANG in 2025
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