Caroline Polachek - Desire, I Want to Turn Into You

She’s been… 5/5.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she has an additional EP or deluxe in the works; I need more than twelve Ms Polachek!
Blood & Butter is another win. This is definitely shaping up to be AOTY contender.

Also interesting she said Blood & Butter is track 8 in the tracklist reveal video, but it’s showing as track 6 (at least on Apple Music).
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I decided I can wait to hear more than a clip of Blood & Butter. Not that I'm even remotely tired of any of the singles yet (even Bunny, which has been on rotation since summer of '21!), but I want maximum freshness and surprises on release day.
She should have dropped Grimes...

The way I've been thinking of this from the moment the tracklist ~leaked.
Once again, rip DANG. You'll be missed. Or maybe saved for a Deluxe later, idk idk.

I listened to a short snippet of Blood & Butter because I don't want to spoil too much now but... it sounds great. A potential AOTY.