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Caroline Polachek

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by A&E, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. Caroline has the time today, and I’m here for it!
  2. Some of the responses to her tweets are wild. I honestly didn't realize Camila still had such a fervent stanbase
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  3. The fact that she had such a direct copy of her visual again, after Caroline previously called her out….like, how?
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  4. Didn't Camilla also steal from Halsey back in 2019? Her team will never learn.
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  5. Excellent music and C***** C****** dragging? I love this era.
  6. Let's pray it stays this consistently tasty!
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  7. So she’s a racist and a thief, I’ll just continue to bop to “Bunny is a Rider” and hoping KKKamila continues to flop until she runs out of industry favors.
  8. Surprised KKKamila is even launching another era after her last album went triple paper clip.
  9. Enduring the lag here to say Bunny Is A Rider is beyond incredible.
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  10. Bunny Is A Rider is my favourite CarPol track. The euphoria! That chorus that sneaks up on you.
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  11. Video coming Monday!

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  12. Camila is like pigeon with binoculars gif.
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  13. Camila found rummaging around for a cardboard box and red sharpie.
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  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I can't get over how supremely infectious everything about Bunny is - what a triumph.
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  15. Bunny is so, so good! And the single cover? All of it is a complete shoot.

    As much as I love her more ethereal tracks from Pang, I wouldn't be mad at all if the rest of the album sounds like this. I'm totally here for her take on Spotify-ready playlist pop.
  16. I still want her to rework or flesh out Next, it's so good.

  17. Please no. Her bops are BOPS but Pang is brilliant because it has songs like Hit Me Where It Hurts/Ocean of Tears AND Look At Me Now/Insomnia.
  18. This is all true!

    Okay, so maybe not a full album nn. But I really do love it when she flexes her pop sensibilities because her perspective on this sound is so fresh and exciting. It might be the novelty of her doing something more traditionally boppy, I'm not sure. But I need more of it.
  19. Bunny is a rider.
  20. Caroline's biggest strength to me is the way she can pretty effortlessly merge her natural flair for pop hooks and melodies with more ~experimental song structures, vocal quirks, etc.
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