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Caroline Polachek

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by A&E, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. She should pull a Jessie J for the last leg of the tour.
  2. No!!!! God damn I was excited to see her!

  3. The bird from the cover is a lyre bird, wich is a bird very on brand for Caroline

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  4. Or a Lucy Dacus!
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  5. Her song with Flume is out now. It’s noisy and gorgeous.

  6. I... hate it. It sounds like dubstep mixed with the worst aspects of PC Music.
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  7. It sounds like a Flume song dd. It's fine, nothing special.
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  8. It's not good dd.
  9. The relief when it ended
  10. great vocals, beautiful vocals
  11. Flume is stuck with his sound, it's getting repetitive. I quite like it but not that much.
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  12. Sam


    I barely got through the twitter preview

    what’s she like live? Debating whether I should see her at Glasto or not
  13. Most days I would say I could listen to Caroline sing the phone book but this song is making me reconsider that statement!
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  14. How is this only 4 minutes when it feels like 15
  15. It sounds like Vespertine without the Vespertine-ness.
  16. The praise!
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  17. This is actually better than I thought it was going to be; based on some of the comments here I was expecting to hear Caroline swan-screaming over another Pika or Wallfuck dd.

    Having said also feels like a waste of a voice like Caroline's to have her basically repeat the same lines and notes for four minutes. marzipan outsold
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  18. I love this song
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