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Carrie Underwood - Cry Pretty

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Voodoo, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. The clips of the album sound really good. Can’t wait for the release day now.
  2. From the sounds of the snippets, Cry Pretty really sounds like the weakest track on the record to me.
  3. Love Wins music video:

  4. First time hearing it and it’s very “Hillsong but with a budget”.
  5. So... Cry Pretty literally was the weakest song on the album. The run from Drinking Alone through to Kingdom is pretty strong.
  6. Love Wins is so gorgeous. It's upsetting though to see so many comments on YouTube from her more stubborn fans saying the song has nothing to do with the LGBT community, and shouldn't. Those two women at the end was a clear shoutout. Love it.
  7. This definitely feels like her most ‘pop’ album so far. I’m surprised and think I’ll need a bit of time to adjust!

    The Bullet is really good but I do feel like it’s completely open to interpretation, just like Love Wins. But really she was never going to alienate a load of fans.
  8. Playing this now! Cry Pretty isn’t a great opener to be honest. Ghosts On The Stereo is great!!!!!!
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  9. Love Wins sounds like she's shooting for that Christian-rock No. 1, actually.

    Haven't listened to the whole album yet, but eager to. She doesn't always nail it with me but I'm always open-minded going in.
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  10. Her albums are always a little patchy for me but when she nails it she really nails it. Looking forward to playing this!
  11. Loved my first listen of this. Impressed from top to bottom (even the uptempos which I usually avoid), though I've seen some negativity elsewhere. What do y'all make of it?
  12. Think this might become one of my fav albums by her, though it’ll be hard to surpass Blown Away for me.
    So many great songs! No filler!
    Ghosts On the Stereo, Southbound, Love and That Song That We Used ago Make Love To are my faves at the moment but it keeps changing.
    I like that it’s a little more pop than her other albums but doesn’t go too far in that direction.

    Edit: The one thing that annoys me is The Champion being tacked on to the end. It’s so out of place. I like the song a lot, just doesn’t really fit at all. Kingdom is a great closer.
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  13. Her appearance on Fallon last night:

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  14. Please tell me there's a man being killed in one of the new songs. Please. I love when she gets psychopath.
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  15. On first listen, kind of a middle-of-the-road Carrie album for me. No stratospheric highs for me, but nothing as awful as, say, Cupid's Got a Shotgun.

    The Bullet is a nice effort, but I feel like the song is missing a "moment." (And an actual stance, for that matter.)

    Spinning Bottles is my early favorite. Doesn't really go anywhere but that almost seems like the point?
  16. This is... nowhere near Blown Away or Storyteller. Shame. It's all very vaguely message-heavy (but never commits to what it's saying), MOR, inoffensive, well-sung, bombastic rock-country power ballads. But nothing at all has stuck out except Backsliding. The Bullet could have been more of a moment than it is. I suppose it's big for her and her audience.

    I guess things like End Up With You are cute for their Top 40-ness.
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  17. I kind of want her to have a Juliette Barnes moment and put out a flop gospel album. Thinking about it, she sounds most at-home on songs like "Kingdom" and "Something in the Water." (And I want it out of her system so she can get back to songs like Two Black Cadillacs.)
  18. I listened to it twice through this morning and I was just left bored. She really peaked with Blown Away for me. It's all a bunch of generic country-pop songs that anyone else could tackle. I miss hearing a Carrie song and instantly knowing "oooh bitch, that's Carrie".

    I do like: Backsliding, Love Wins, The Bullet, Ghosts on the Stereo and Spinning Bottles
  19. It's definitely a good album, but it's by far her weakest which is a shame.
  20. Well, this does sound like a Nashville (the TV show)-style album.

    I liked 'Low' quite a lot.
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