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Carrie Underwood - Cry Pretty

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Voodoo, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. This is ... OK. It feels a little heavy handed to me. Like it thinks it's a more clever song than it is.
  2. The lyrics are strange, like Smoke Break. I guess she’ll try and explain the meaning of the song in some roundabout way like she did with Smoke Break. What was it she said? You can have a Smoke Break without actually smoking, so it’s relatable? Even though she’s a health nut and doesn’t smoke....
  3. I like it , it's 80 s rock meets country it's very Carrie and it seems like a deliberate move to keep her hard core fans on board because as soon as some people hear a artist is producing there own work some people tend to think they vear off in a complete opposite direction .
  4. I think she's just saying it's not possible to cry pretty , as in it' easy to fake alot of things and look composed and put together but to cry isn't.
  5. I like it, but there's something a bit unfocused about it. The "cry pretty" line really sits really awkwardly in the chorus and the final minute really doesn't add a lot to the song. I love the drums as the chorus hits, it's just a shame that the ingredients don't quite come together.

    Also the 'My Life Would Suck Without You'-inspired imagery for this single campaign really doesn't make that much sense, given how un-pop this sounds.
  6. Anybody see her ACM performance of "Cry Pretty"? I saw a poor quality stream but she put everything she had into it. Definitely made me like the song more.
  7. It was a very good vocal performance, as always. Carrie did some whistle tones too, which was unexpected. The song's still bland tho and I can't stop staring at her lips.
  8. I thought the sound from the ACM's seemed a bit off or something but she looked incredible and generally sounded great. The audience were feeling her.

    The song has grown on me.
  9. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    The song reminds me of the night on Idol when she sang ‘Alone’ and Simon predicted she would win and be the most successful winner ever.

    And I think it’s intentional.
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  10. Album is also titled 'Cry Pretty'. Will release in...September :/

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  11. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    Did she...did she really just drop a lead single and reveal an album cover/title for an album that's not coming out for FIVE FUCKING MONTHS?


    That wack-ass title and cover too. Wewereallrootingforyou.gif
  12. She’s better than that album cover. And it also sucks as an album title.

    The decay.
  13. This whole glittery tears thing is so amateurish.
  14. What even is this disgusting Bratz doll aesthetic
  15. The album cover and font are very Letitia dean autobiography worthy , a mess indeed. But blown away aside all her album covers have been hideous
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  16. The aesthetic. The title. The song. The release date.

    Choices were made.
  17. This whole album feels like her version of Piece by Piece. I'm a bit confused at why she's announcing the album so early? She'll sell regardless but this is really weird.
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  18. Is she joking about announcing a pre-order & album cover for an album out MID-SEPTEMBER?!?!?!

    Genuinely ridiculous, & I don’t even care about Carrie.

    (What was the big deal with her face? I don’t notice a difference.)
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  19. True. The Storyteller cover was very 'Nashville sex worker'. And at least the new cover isn't as dull as Play On.
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  20. The wait is ridiculous and the art direction for this era are just... weird. It looks so cheap and like the cover of someone coming off a Disney show and releasing her debut album about 15 years ago, when the music doesn't seem like it will match at all...
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