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Carrie Underwood - Denim & Rhinestones

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MC54, Mar 15, 2022.

  1. They really should have capitalised on physical formats!

    I know a hundred vinyl variants wouldn’t be right but a Target exclusive CD with bonus tracks, a regular signed edition (signed bundle they had was over $100), and having the vinyl out release week could have helped reduce the decline quite a bit.

    I can only guess they thought CMA Fest would boost the numbers enough and didn’t want to wait for the vinyl.
  2. I don’t think that Morgan Wallen album has shifted from the top 10 since it came out. I wonder how many copies it’s sold altogether.
  3. The fact is, this is probably her most consistent / cohesive album.
  4. Wow didn't think I'd see a time where Miranda Lambert would outsell her but here we are
  5. Truly pop justice.
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  6. Wow, I am shocked at the decline. But she feels and looks very Stepford in her approach to things. Too much gloss, shine and high production values and with little deviation from her formula over the years, she seems really stale. In saying that, I listened to half of Denim & Rhinestones and kinda enjoyed it, but I don't like giving her the streams with her trash takes.
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  7. Consistently mediocre, yes
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  8. Faster is gorgeous. I'm really enjoying the album actually. I wasn't convinced on the first listen, but it's a grower.
  9. All this country radio and ageism talk - are they playing Dolly? Or just classic stations? Because she keeps releasing but I doubt she sets any charts on fire. Or does she?
  10. They played Dolly up to the early 90’s, so like 30 years ish into her career. Reba was the same, cut her about 25-30 years into her career. The classics still get played but rarely anything new.

    so basically once women get older they stop playing them but definitely play the men a bit longer, they still get cut eventually but not nearly as soon.
  11. Her concert here is selling so abysmally they’ve already rolled out a 30% off coupon for all tickets. I didn’t think I would see that only a month into the tickets being on sale but here we are.
  12. Lord this era really is dead on arrival ,,I guess hot takes via tweet likes really has taken its toll on her career,,and I also think her husbands obvious political sideings during the covid era really didn't help especially as a big part of her audience wheather she knows it or not is cigs
  13. She also is making bad music lately. While some of the melodies on this record are strong, it sounds like it was produced using the most basic GarageBand setups. I see the vision with the kitschy cover art and the light-hearted subject matter, but between this and Cry Pretty I think she's hit a creative rut. It's kind of a scream that the religious album charted better than this one, so maybe she should stick to that genre.

    I'm bummed, I genuinely loved her first 4 albums and her. But with everything mentioned above and the music being poor, I'm off the train until her Van Lear Rose rolls around.
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  14. She could definitively use an injection of creativity. Perhaps get some up and coming producers and maybe steer a little out of the country lane.
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  15. Alternate video of Ghost Story:

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