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Carrie Underwood - Denim & Rhinestones

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MC54, Mar 15, 2022.

  1. I don’t think that’s right Miranda has always been more open, for starters her brother is gay and she has posted about marriage, pride events and been more open and raw in her lyrics.

    She was always the better artists and she actually makes country music.
  2. She probably thinks her career is doing gangbusters after she won those Grammys this year for that religious folk album that I never bothered to listen to and her having a multi-week #1 with that other Trumper Jason Aldean within the last year.

    I did not know any of this. I’ve never followed Miranda too closely except around the Revolution album when she really took off.
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  3. Carrie would never.
  4. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Sometimes, sure, but there are tons of established artists who can sell out a tour even if their new music isn't lighting up the charts. I thought Carrie would've been one of them given how consistently she's toured over the past 15 years. So I think the tour struggling is symptomatic of everything that's gone wrong since Cry Pretty.

    (Anyway I say all of this knowing that the dates probably will sell as they get closer).
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  5. I feel like if she would’ve leaned into songs like Ghosts On the Stereo and Song That We Used to Make Love To and had those as singles she would’ve gained a new audience. She might’ve lost country radio further but she could have appealed herself to Kacey and Marens fans.

    Southbound - in addition to being atrocious- could have been on any of her albums.
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  6. Shock of my life at a 16th birthday party when a pack of pack of 16-year old girls descend on the dancefloor singing every word of Before He Cheats because one of them requested it.
  7. This one is gonna be hit or must already making its round, I was at the casino the other night and some cover band had already added the song to their repertoire.
  8. I don't mind the song but this entire era felt dead on arrival.
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  9. Okay but I need to make this a Miranda Lambert stanning moment. She is genuinely a great person, not to mention extremely talented and willing to take risks. I saw her live and had the pleasure of meeting her (very briefly Ddd) and she was absolutely lovely and an absolute rock star of a performer. She gives it all to her craft and also genuinely inclusive.

    The blond Jesus lady could never.
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  10. I’m seeing her tomorrow night and I just peeped the setlist and I am now starting to question her taste:

    8 songs off the new album and we aren’t doing “Velvet Heartbreak”, “Pink Champagne” or “Wanted Woman”? A random Guns N Roses cover? She is a Trumper.
  11. A video exists. That's really as much as I can say.

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  12. What a terrible video.

    It’s quite sad how she’s releasing the weakest songs on the album as singles. I’ve actually come around to the bulk of the album and even Ghost Story but she has so many stronger songs on this album screaming to be hits.
  13. Aww where's my ''Dirty Laundry''?
  14. Her attempt to be quirky/funny just feels so forced.
  15. CMA Awards performances:

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  16. She has the worst style of any major female recording artist. It's just all so tacky and not in a fun camp way.
  17. I’m glad she performed Crazy Angels at the AMA’s, this would have been a much better single.

    I did think the P!nk cosplay was really different for Ghost Story but it feels stale already.
  18. It was such an obvious single choice, so of course they’d go with one of the worst songs on the album instead….
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  19. At least she got off the damn ball here after a verse and chorus; on tour she did it for the entire song and went around the entire arena and it killed the fun of the song.
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