Carrie Underwood - Denim & Rhinestones

It took some time to settle in, but I prefer Denim and Rhinestones to Cry Pretty.

The title track and Crazy Angels are so unbelievably bland and forgettable, but Velvet Heartbreak, Hate My Heart, Ghost Story, Wanted Woman, Poor Everybody Else, Garden… all fantastic country pop tracks.

Out of that Truck is still the best thing from this era so far. Excited to hear the new track.


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By 2023 standards, it seems a bit odd to re-release an album over a year after it came out, and to announce it 3+ months in advance. I thought maybe the plan was to try to launch it as a new-ish album, but her social media says otherwise. Then again, nothing about her career has made sense ever since she left Sony, so I guess this tracks.
This damn woman. I really am having a weekend of just reliving her back catalogue, and especially those first five albums - nearly everything pre-Cry Pretty is a back-to-back smash. Even though she's really lost a lot of her bite in her music and her cowardly Twitter-like then backtrack cycle has been super disappointing, I can't deny that when she gets it right, there are few that can touch her.

Something in the Water remains transcendental and a complete knock-out for a Greatest Hits single. I think it may even have snuck up on me over the years as her best song?

Out of that Truck really has brought me on the brink of taping my shredded stan card back together huh.
The Deluxe Edition has now been released in full and once again, fully perplexed.

If she had released OOTT and “Drunk and Hungover” as the second and third singles, she would have had 3 Top 10’s easily, maybe even 2 #1’s.

I hope they weren’t sitting on any of the new songs and they’re truly new because her team would look so dumb sitting on two of her best songs.