Carrie Underwood - Denim & Rhinestones

Kind of the same with Kelly Clarkson. Kelly - for years - would go out of her way to make it clear how big of a fan she was of Carries and that she had no issue with her whatsoever and Carrie was mostly... very quiet. And finally in the last few years I feel like Kelly kind of stopped trying to be so friendly about it. Though I think Carrie was on her show, so you never know.
Oooh, I just watched the interview you mentioned and uhh... it was super awkward. Kelly's not the most natural interviewer and Carrie was just too uptight. I expected her to, I don't know, laugh or be more light-hearted when her son's halloween costume was brought up? The whole interview just fell flat.


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The thing with Carrie is that I feel like she's so guarded to the point where she comes off as rude or snobby even if she doesn't mean to be. Everything about her music and image is handled with such precision that you never really get a sense of who she actually is. And that's fine by the way - I never cared to hear the ~real~ Carrie Underwood because ultimately I think she's just a boring person who doesn't have much to say.

I say all of this because I think we have seen the real Carrie over the past few years with the Jesus albums and the silent support of her husband's wack-ass rhetoric, and as impersonal as she may have been, there was still a warmth to her that I feel like has completely disappeared. But I acknowledge that I might be projecting because I'm just so disappointed by her now.

She was one of my favourite artists ever, and I didn't actually miss her until I saw this announcement (even with that My Little Pony font, is her kid doing her art direction now?!). I feel an itch to play her music again, but something is holding me back. And it's hard, because her music has been a huge part of my life for more than a decade. But I'm just so put off by her now and I don't think that's going to change anytime soon, if ever.
I can cope with her more religious stuff to a point because it's not like her career has been dominated by it and there are some stunning hymns out there, but some of her other behaviour gives me pause. I want to believe that she doesn't really agree with her husband and just supports him out of loyalty, but that doesn't really sit with me either.
I don't think I am totally going to wipe her music from my life because it has been ingrained in my life for so long, but it certainly doesn't have the same meaning anymore and I won't be rushing to buy an album based off of a single or two like before.
Song is cute, concept is cute but lacks a bit of bite. A very safe choice which is a shame. I really feel like things have gone a bit south since she switched label.

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I don't like the song (yet) but i think it's the perfect choice for a lead. Not as shouty and dramatic as "Cry Pretty" and that's what could help the song do better.
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