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Carrie Underwood - Denim & Rhinestones

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MC54, Mar 15, 2022.

  1. It feels very 80's to me as well. Not in it's production but something about the whole 'vibe' of the record feels like an 80's Dolly album or something. Perhaps she should have leaned into that sort of genre and given a few of the these songs some synths and played up to the 80's look.
  2. The album is enjoyable. But I can’t see myself playing it in a few weeks time. The songs are just not as strong as previous albums.

    I hope she changes it up for the next album.
  3. This is her weakest album by a fairly wide margin (obviously ignoring My Unwanted Gift and My Shart.)

    It's not bad by any means, but the entire thing feels completely inconsequential. Absolutely nothing here feels like it would be remembered as even remotely essential in her discography.
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  4. Wait, is She Don’t Know actually another murder song and I didn’t realize? “With this worthless piece I’m leavin’” reads to me like “piece” is an unloaded gun.
  5. I wonder if the vinyl and cassette will be available in the UK? I went to a Fopp in London yesterday, and my local HMV today and they both weren't stocking the CD, so had to order online.
    Haven't listened the album as of yet, but I really like the title track.
  6. I think the general consensus of her "not trying" with this one is a bit much.
    It's the first Carrie Underwood album I've enjoyed as a whole. All of her other albums I've picked 2 or 3 songs from (mainly, the singles) and moved on from the rest.

    I think Ghost Story is amazing and I've loved her live performances of it and the title track is one of her best IMO.

    I agree that the highs aren't as high as some of her past discography, but to say she's just slat any old collection of songs out is a reach. I'm enjoying it.
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  7. I think it's more likely her calling her husband/partner in the song a piece of shit but not being bold enough to cuss.
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  8. They normally get released a few weeks or months later. I ordered her last few albums from the US thinking they wouldn’t get a release here but they’re all on Amazon for considerably cheaper now!
  9. Despite my initial disappointment overall, Faster is a really special song. It reminds me of the warm fireside intimacy of Like I’ll Never Love You Again, which is top tier Carrie.
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  10. Ah. Probably wishful thinking on my part.
  11. This might be her most consistent album for me - as in every track is Carrie running on 60%-70%. There’s nothing I would deliberately skip, but on the whole it’s a frustrating listen.

    It’s most typified in She Don’t Know, where she simply tells the other woman “she can have him” where the old Carrie would form an alliance and murder the cheating husband instead.
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  12. That's growth for you.

    But yes, as others have also pointed out, it does sound very 'safe' and doesn't go anywhere she hasn't gone before. A shame really as it would only have taken a different production style for some of these tracks to become something stronger or at least different to what she's done before. Instead it ends up being 'more of the same'.

    It's a bit how I feel about Lana Del Rey - in that to me, any song of hers I hear I could not distinguish it from the rest or know which album it came from. It just all sounds the same. Granted, I'm not a big fan but she rarely sounds like she's pushing boundaries with her music more like coasting on the sound/style that made her successful. I think Carrie is a bit the same - a lot of her material is very her but you'd struggle to pinpoint which song came from which album sometimes as it all just sounds very much the same.
  13. Her shortest and poppiest album to date. Also her hardest to find! Amazon haven’t had it in on CD since it came out. HMV haven’t got it either. I ordered it from a US seller in the end.

    Love the artwork. So gloriously tacky. Like a Dolly Parton album cover from 1986.
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  14. Comparing Lana Del Rey's artistry to Carrie Underwood's?! Oof...
  15. Oh that’s not good…

    Cry Pretty debuted with 266,000 including 251,000 ‘pure album sales’ so I’m not sure we can blame such a decline on how the industry has changed.

    She has done a lot of promo for this so it’s a shame for such a steep drop for her, I’m sure some think it’s a drop was deserved but this is well under My Savior too and I’m sure none of us want her to continue in that direction!
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  16. Saw that coming a mile off! There’s been a huge drop in sales across the board to be fair but from what I’ve been seeing the last while, country artists seem to have really been hit when it comes to album sales.
    I guess it’s what you get when you rely on one format, country radio, to basically do all the heavy lifting for your music. Once it drops you, you’re done for and to be honest even if you’re played a lot, there’s no guarantee it translates to sales.
  17. Has she been dropped by country radio? It’s quite hard to get access to the charts in the U.K.
  18. In the US? Definitely not. However, since she’s decided to go on Autopilot, her singles haven’t all raced up the charts to #1.

    Cry Pretty hit #1, Love Wins stalled at #2, Southbound was #4 and Drinking Alone was #11.

    Ghost Story has moved super slow for a Carrie single but callouts came in and it has the second highest positive approval score and is dead last in burn rate, so it started seeing big daily gains again.

    It is truly perplexing to me that she’s decided now is the time to just coast on her name when her peers (Miranda, Maren, Carly, etc) have all been putting out career best work.
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  19. Cry Pretty only went to #9 on radio, Love Wins and Drinking Alone were both #11 and Southbound was 3.
    Her song with Jason Andean went number 1 alright but all his songs seem to go number one for some reason, so I doubt that had much to do with Carrie.
    Kinda feels like she’s being fazed out, she still gets played but not nearly as much.
    GhostStory had peaked at #15 so far. But singles are super slow on country radio, it could take a year to peak for a lot of songs. It’s ridiculous.
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