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Carrie Underwood - Denim & Rhinestones

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MC54, Mar 15, 2022.

  1. That’s what I wondered. She been around a good while now. Maybe radio isn’t as interested anymore.

    Are there any female country acts who do well at radio now? Oh for the days of Reba, Faith and even Jo Dee Messina!
  2. Its weird to think that there wasn’t even that many women being played back then but compared to now, it probably felt like they were everywhere. It’s a really sad situation stemming from at the very least sexism but I’m sure there much much more at play.
    Being in Ireland I’m only looking in from the outside, I check in every now and then but as far as I’m aware there aren’t any current staple female artists on country radio. They either age out around 30ish, which is I guess what happens on pop radio too, or they have a hit or two and just aren’t played again,
    Miranda seems to be doing ok I think, she seems to have had a bit of a resurgence with Wildcard and hopefully that continues with the new album.
    Kelsey Ballerini was looking likely to be the big female country artist a few years ago but she seems to be getting diminishing returns with each album. Maren to an extent too but seems she’s been completely forgotten about with her new album. Guess that’s sadly down to her calling out Morgan Wallen and being pretty vocal about sexism and stuff in the industry.
    Kacey could’ve been a big player on radio but she refused to play the game and instead had critical acclaim, awards and seemed to garner a pretty nice sized following that Will make up for lack of radio support to an extent. She’s kinda someone that could go for years without a hit and do just fine but most country artists are done once radio stops playing them. They might still release music and tour but it’s never the same.
    Gabby Barret and Carly Pierce seem to be doing ok but they don’t exactly scream superstar the way Dolly, Faith, Reba, Miranda, Carrie etc did.

    Sadly it’s a mans world when it comes to country music. I’m sure I read something like for every one female lead song on the radio there’s something like 10-12 men lead songs….
    There are some great male country artists btw but my god is there some absolute garbage that gets played to death for the simple fact they’re men, they talk about beer, god, trucks, guns and or their Mama….

    Oops didn’t mean for this to be so long haha
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  3. Thanks for that. It’s very hard to see the country charts here now. I don’t know what’s going on! I have albums by most of the newer acts you mention (Gabby Barret being the exception), and enjoy them all.

    I had a feeling the new Maren Morris album wouldn’t do well. I like it but it doesn’t seem suited to pop or country radio! Back in the 90s, Carly Pearce would have been a superstar, but now she’s just holding her head above water.

    With Carrie turning 40 next year, I suppose her time is limited too. The new album is full of short country/mostly pop songs that seem aimed at radio and getting hits. There’s none of the variety and depth of Cry Pretty and Storyteller.
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  4. Those are literally C*mila C*bello numbers...

    A big decrease from Cry Pretty was expected, but those are disastrous.
  5. Faster is lush, the predictable guitar solo still hit the sweet spot. Honestly see myself coming back this album throughout the year.
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  6. I'm actually really enjoying this now...

    Denim & Rhinestones
    Velvet Heartbreak
    Crazy Angels
    Pink Champagne
    Poor Everybody Else
    She Don't Know

    Ghost Story
    Hate My Heart
    Wanted Woman

    ... nothing. It's all good. Nothing original or different for her but all quality song-writing, singing and production.
  7. This has grown a bit but it still remains just a bit too tame. She used to have grit and bite in her music but now it feels more like a polite nibble.
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  8. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    See when you do clownery.

    Jokes aside, I can't believe how catastrophic these numbers are. How is she not even clearing 50k? I want to believe the Bible-thumping albums turned people off but I'm guessing it's more a combination of her streaming numbers being absolutely terrible and Ghost Story not properly taking off yet?

    Still, the fact that she might miss the Top 10 or just barely scrape in is shocking.
  9. It didn't click that she was almost 40, and that might contribute to the ridiculous trend of women aging out of radio. Country isn't immune there, and it doesn't help that there's so few women getting play to start.

    I would love to read an investigative piece on the state of the country music industry. Do we see country artists in general get big streaming numbers? Are album sales consistent? Who is listening to country music these days? If it's housing/supporting people like Morgan Whalen over other artists, has it become totally overtaken by republicans and conservatives?
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  10. The callout scores (surveys of country radio listeners) paint a bleak picture re: women in country music:

    I don’t think ageism can be discounted either. I also wonder if Carrie leaning into more traditional elements of country music on her last two releases turned off parts of her core fanbase when it came time to support a record that leans as Pop as this one does.
  11. Her commercial decline has run fairly parallel to the decline in the quality of her output… so perhaps casual Carrie fans were just put off by several substandard releases? “Cry Pretty” was Carrie on autopilot and the following two albums saw her taking “Jesus, Take the Wheel” a little tew literally. Combine that with her ignorant politics and (rather dour) personality becoming common public knowledge, and you don’t exactly have a recipe for success. And that’s to say nothing of the Jessica Simpson for HSN aesthetics.

    But we are talking the music biz - particularly the country music biz - so I’m sure ageism plays a substantial role as well. It’s truly unfortunate to witness how things have gone for Carrie. She was one of my top five favorite artists all the way up until “Storyteller.” Really, it all started to go pear shaped when she left Sony, didn’t it?
  12. She does have a lot of typical machinations working against her, but she also doesn’t help herself by not having a smash in years.
  13. Pink Champagne performance on the Tonight Show:

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  14. Nice performance. I think she needs to get a 'hit' from this album for it to sell steady over the remainder of the year. Might just be a slow burner for her instead of instant hit. There's certainly plenty of songs to choose from for future singles to push.
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  15. This is the hit right here, i've been enjoying this album heavily
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  16. Worse those are 5th Harmony numbers
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  17. I was thinking the decline would be steep, but more so around the 100k mark not the sorta number we pretend is a success for our under performing queen's, its got plenty of radio friendly tracks but it all felt like there was no build up and it was just here and i think carrie and the label thought it was a easy number one , I imagine carrie won't be taking this well and I don't think the last year and a half has helped her
  18. She seemed to be really passionate about Cry Pretty. To the point where she based the album campaign around it. I think she really thought it would be a career song for her. This album is a lot lighter. I hope she gets some hits out of it and prolongs it life. God knows what the second week sales will be!

    BTW, does anybody know a way that I can view the weekly country charts? I used to look at them on the Billboard site, but they’ve blocked them off now unless you subscribe.
  19. I think someone posts them Pulse Music Board but I’m not 100% sure.
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