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Carrie Underwood - My Gift / My Savior

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Disco Tears, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. Yeah it sounds a bit outdated...but I like it.
  2. I truly can't tell you why but I watched her HBO Max special, but I left it on in the background as I did other things. I haven't listened to the actual album, so when they did the behind the scenes video for the duet with her son... you cannot imagine the look of horror on my face. That combined with some of the spoken word, her mom saying that capital HIM gave her her gift, the hyper Christian vibes of her look and movements... it was a genuinely weird and creepy affair.

    All of that said, I won't deny the power of her voice. If anything, she seemed to have more control and power than ever. O Holy Night was a powerhouse.

    But yea, I hope I never have to hear any of that again. Such a turn off.
  3. I've stanned Carrie and I have let the xtian vibes/songs come and go but damn I checked out the past year or so...

    I'm just so sick of christitanity...
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  4. So she’s confirming she has a gospel album coming early next year.

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  5. E1BB2832-5867-4B86-AB1E-A49C89AF73D1.gif
  6. I can’t see this being anything more than a cute album on the side, it’s something she’s always wanted to do or whatever. Doubt they’ll promote it much after the initial lead up and release week. Fingers crossed she puts out a proper album come early 2022.

    I guess now is the right time to do it? She always tours her albums pretty extensively, I would think it’s where she makes the majority of her money. So it kinda makes sense to throw these two albums out in quick succession and then get back to normal late next year.
  7. I’m thinking we’ll get this, a Christmas re-release and then proper new material at the end of the year or more likely early 2022.

    I am hoping for a Christmas re-release because the Amazon song is a Christmas bop and deserves to pick up each year now. Honestly if they added a couple more like that, a couple more like Hallelujah, it would have been a fine Christmas album.
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  8. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    A gospel album would've sounded like a good idea to me a few years ago if we were basing it on something like "Something In the Water", which is probably my favourite song of hers (or at least Top 5).

    After My Gift though... my stanning will be on hiatus.

  9. I guess she's earned the right to whatever she wants with her music, but I will not be listening. I feel like my dreams for her to create a rock-ish crossover album is dying.
  10. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    The folklore/evermore combo that no one asked for.
  11. Sigh I wish that she would sing about homicide again.
  12. So it’s all covers then? Oh well.

    I honestly see this as a kind of side project of sorts. I personally can’t see myself listening to it more than once or twice and I can totally see this being completely ignored by the majority of fans.

    Reba did something similar a few years ago, though she did release originals too, thankfully she put out one of the best albums of her career not long after her gospel album, so hopefully Carrie can do the same.
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  13. All this forced religion/christianity/faith themed stuff in 2021...

  14. How did the Cry Pretty singles perform on country radio?
  15. Not great over all, for Carrie’s standards atleast. Southbound was the biggest hit, peaked at #2, Cry Pretty #9 and both Drinking Alone and Love Wins were #11.
    Love Wins broke her top 10 streak she had since Jesus, Take The Wheel.
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  16. Okay but... why don't I hate it? Why am I suddenly not completely against the hymns album when I hated the Christmas album?

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