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Carrie Underwood - My Gift (September 25th)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Disco Tears, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. Jesus, did indeed, take the wheel.
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  2. Yeah she can keep it....
  3. Okay but no Angels from the Realms of Glory? She'd kill on that.

    I do like Mary Did You Know and Silent Night though.
  4. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Wow so she's really going full-on bible thumper for this huh.
  5. The tracklist has just confirmed that I'll never listen to this.
  6. That track list...

    so anyway Blown Away is an amazing album.
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  7. Her best, in my opinion!!!
    Though to be fair, other than Play On her albums are pretty much all killer no filler!
  8. About that Gift of yours? You can return it, Carrie.
  9. Tracklist confirmed....

    Keep it!
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  10. Let There Be Peace is out at midnight. I don't even have any desire to try and listen to it.
  11. Tracklist for her Christmas album:

  12. I don’t like the look of this at all.
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  13. Bring on the next era..
  14. It’s... not even festive...
  15. It’s her gift to god..... nn

    I dunno, everything about this era is just making me dislike her? I’m not even sure why because she’s probably my second favourite singer ever.
  16. File this under "that was nice but I'll probably never listen to it again."
  17. This unholy collection of X Factor winning song platitudes... a nightmare. Being a Christian fanatic rots your taste too apparently.
  18. So she won Entertainer Of The Year at the ACM’s last night! Weirdly tied with Thomas Rhett but a win is a win I guess....

    Cant find the performances anywhere, anyone have links?
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  19. Like I'm gonna listen to anything besides the Kacey Musgraves Christmas album + special.
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  20. Carrie should have told the ACMs to shove it. Imagine being one of the only American country artists who can have successful albums, who can tour arenas worldwide and being told you have to share your award.

    Hopefully the CMAs will rectify their mistake of giving Entertainer of the Year to Garth Brooks last year and actually give it to Carrie in November.
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