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Cassette only tracks

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Iggypig, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. Ok, I love allSTARS*, and in my quest in completing their album, I found that some of their B-sides were only released on the cassette version of the single. This led me to look for other artists who done the same, now I'm aware that Liberty X released a few of their B-sides on earlier cassette single releases, and that Atomic Kitten released the B-side True Friends on cassette too.

    Do you guys know of anymore tracks/remixes that were cassette only?
  2. Lights Music Camera Action was only on the UK cassette of Life Got Cold.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    That, and the Girls Allowed remix...y'know, until the singles boxset.
  4. Gala - Freed from desire (QFX 7"/ Loop da Loop 7").

    I recorded from cassette to mp3 but they are rather hissy

    I can remember OTT releasing Forever Girl on 1 CD and 2 x MC!!
  5. Thanks, keep it coming.

    Does anybody know exactly which Liberty X tracks were cassette only?

    Aquaplex......that name reminds me of something.........i'm thinking Gladiators?
  6. Everything was cassette only to Got To Have Your Love
    Meant To Be was cassette only to Doin' It
    Let's Get Working was cassette only to Thinking It Over

    Also infuriating: Shake It being DVD only to Jumpin'

  7. I can only assume its so that fans will buy all formats, and help get the single higher in the charts.....

    probably why The Saturdays release their b-sides on CD and not digital download.
  8. DVD only b-sides drive me crazy... Melanie C was guilty of this back in 2003
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