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Cassie - King of Hearts (1st Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lauri2592, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    So this is still supposed to be a single in the UK.
  2. The Guardian article Patriku was talking about btw:

    Richard has written for, among other people, Cassie and if there's one artist worth ending on here it's her. After her Me & U became a huge hit in 2006 she was talked about in the same breath as Aaliyah and there was much frothing at the prospect of her second album. But the release date was pushed back and back, and only now does it look as if Cassie will release a follow-up, called either The Seductress or Electro Love (depending who you trust). What's striking about the track she posted this month, King Of Hearts, is how it involves elements of nearly everything we've talked about. It has the ravey club-banger aspect, it has the innovative yet commercial edge of early noughties R&B, and it has enough sadness in her vocal to draw in the indie crowd. Put simply, it's the best-sounding identity crisis I've heard for a while.
  3. MJH


    Brilliant thanks for that! Maybe it will be released in the Summer in the UK like "Me and U"? I'm hoping for another Top 10 UK hit nevertheless!
  4. Who knew Cassie had such critic/hipster appeal.
  5. She's had critical/hipster appeal since "Me & U" really.
  6. She always sounds disinterested. It's hipster gold!
  7. I love Cassie's past output, just got around to hearing this and I don't like it at all.
  8. SUPER SUPER Review:

    Since 2006, when Cassie’s iconic hit single “Me & U” first intoxicated clubgoers, there has been something mystical and magnetic about the way her clean, sex-tinged vocals infect a dance track. With “King Of Hearts”, she once again takes us on a walk through the stranger side of sound with a tale of her lover, who is trapped inside of a palace of ice, distant in another dimension.

    “Seduction is your art/You are my king of hearts” echoes over a forest of beautiful, infuriated jungle drums that rain continuously down on her chorus of innocent “la la la la”s, appropriately securing the doomed mood of the song’s finale.

    This track is Cassie at her strongest- stunningly strange, intrusive and again worthy of cult-classic status in the dance world.
  9. Fuck yes. Cassie brings it for real.
  10. 3Xs


  11. I just want everyone to know I'm finally getting a physical copy of her debut. It's in the post right now, and it was only $4.99!
  12. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I approve.

    I think I shall pick it up as well. An iTunes version no longer feels appropriate.
  13. I am obsessed with Long Way 2 Go.

    I have taken over the sound system at our bar and this is played every night and people LOVE it.

    Spreading the Cassie love.
  14. On a radio interview yesterday Cassie said she worked with Young Jeezy, Tyga & others on the album.

    Also Kanye West who did the remix of "King of Hearts" which is coming soon!!! Hopefully she means a feat. Kanye West track to get the sales up and not just an actual remix like he played on that London club

    She also mentioned there's an album title but it's a surprise!
  15. @RyanAnthony89:
    @officialcas when you gonna come back to the uk and treat us to some more of your amazing music #meandyou #longway2go need I say more x

    Cassie @officialcas:
    @RyanAnthony89 Soon!! Stay tuned! And thank you! x
  16. Something about King Of Hearts does feel like there's a distinct chance, given the right marketing, to potentially be very successful in the UK.

    The fact she's even entertaining the notion of releasing/promoting it over here could be quite amazing, given how it underperformed in the US.
  17. "It flips the script of the former’s blankness into straight-up chill, especially on a chorus so great J2 can’t resist revisiting and embellishing it. Cassie’s vocal isn’t echoed so much as pooled, barrels of liquid added to the rainfall of staccato synth, handclaps and that skipping, skittery beat. I was going to say it’s wonderful that she’s adapted to the landscape, but it’s about as likely that her initial approach was anticipatory."


    But this is closer to my thoughts on it: "It’s immaculately constructed and well sung enough to work as ear candy, but it does still feel like something’s missing."

    I really like it but wish I could love it.
  18. Well it just came out last week in the US on iTunes and is only going for adds on rhythmic radios on March 6 for some reason, plus there hasn't been any huge promo so far so it still has time there too, I think.
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