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Cassie - Long Way To Go

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Chell, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. I heard this yesderday and downloaded the single! I think its quite catchy :D

    But y do people not like her? I dont get y? People say she cant sing but she CAN. I aint a fan of hers but she can sing!
  2. Samuel

    Samuel Moderator

    Monotonal best describes her.
  3. Sean

    Sean Guest

    I prefer sensually sleepy. Her voice isn't great, and I'm as bored of her album as she sounds, but I do like her.

    The vocal criticisms seem to stem from some absolutely atrocious performances she's done on American TV.
  4. Samuel

    Samuel Moderator

    She's just dire i do not see anything in her except for a few record producers body parts because that's clearly how she released a CD!
  5. I like her cos she's smoking hot.

    She's done a few nice pop songs. "Ditto," "Me & U," "Long Way 2 Go."
  6. For a debut album, her album's quite good. Both singles have been really strong, she looks great - so what, she ain't Whitney Houston. It's never stopped Madonna, Janet or Rachel Stev......oh......
  7. I love that song.
    Not so keen on Me & U which seems totally free of any discernable melody.
    But Long Way To Go is hooky. (never used that word before, probably never will again)
  8. Anyone know how this is getting on in the charts this week?
  9. looks like its gonna do a rhianna and get a follow up to her debut hitting the top 20 , i hope she drops this album after this single and again does a rhianna and comes back with a amazing comeback around jan time but i doubt it :(
  10. She cant sing to save her life but that isnt an issue today for artists of her calibre (aka. Rihanna), so just like one said above, she needs to have her label on her back to get her 2 really good singles and that will put her on the map for a while

    But this new single is sort of working in the UK as it is likely to be safe in the TOP20. She is a single artists, people will buy her songs but not her album yet.

    But in the USA things arent that 'okay' as her dire performance really made a hate campaign go on and still keeps on around her apparently
  11. I really have liked her released tracks, she just needs as 'SOS'
  12. its not that she can't sing, because she can't , but alot of people cant either.

    with this kind of delivery i dont think shes capable of more singles/another listenable album though
  13. Sephi101

    Sephi101 Guest

    its a great song and a niceish video. there is definetly stronger songs off her album but nothing will beat Me+U.
  14. I like the song a lot, as I did with the last one.
  15. Sean

    Sean Guest

    Me & U is much better than SOS in my opinion. It's deceptively simple and the most addictive song of 2006.

    Long Way To Go is good but I tend to think of it as the lesser sister to Nelly's Promiscuous.
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