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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Pen Expers, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. Pen Expers

    Pen Expers Moderator

    This blog post from the Guardian reminded me of why I love Cassie and why I sometimes hate the realities of commercial pop artists. GET THE ALBUM OUT.

    I know there's a lot of hate for "Official Girl" here, and although I like it I understand the scepticism. But listen to the songs in that small summary (Especially Turn The Lights Off, My House and 2 The Morning) and tell me they don't impress you. IN-credible. The best thing is that she really does have her own thing, her own brand of cold, cold pop. No one of the other singstresses' sound is so fleety and daringly subdued.

    I love her voice.
  2. This is a buy-the-day-of-release album for me, actually. I'm still confused about why "Is It U?" wasn't a big, big hit for her.
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  3. I ADORE her first album, but have yet to hear any of the singles or leaked tracks from the new one. I know I'll love it, though - i it's ever released.
  4. Nice and unexpected read in the Guardian there. I have to say though, 2 The Morning is the worst leak. Really bad. She does have wonderful potential though, and I really adore Official Girl/Thirsty.
  5. I'm surprised you guys like her so much! She seems like the sort of artist who'd get dismissed as "a daft talentless bint" on these boards.

    I did love Me And You A LOT.
  6. Her first album was underrated - a smart, subtle record that didn't trip over itself trying to be 'current' or 'innovative' and didn't pad itself out to 20 tracks with unnecessary filler.

    The leaked stuff from the second album is generally pretty good, although Official Girl is tuneless and irritating bilge so I'm not surprised it didn't take off.
  7. I loved Long Way To Go A LOT
  8. I liked Me and You and Long Way To Go... haven't heard the rest!
  9. Ditto...Is It U, Me & U, Long Way 2 Go are my fav Cassie tracks. I like her.
  10. So its not being released? :( She was damaged because of some TRL performance where her vocals were slightly "weak" yet miming Britney is successful (I like Britney but just don't get it).
  11. Dag


    Her vocals weren't just weak, they were non existant. I don't have a problem with artists who don't possess the vocal range of Mariah Carey or Leona Lewis (obviously, I'm a Britney fan), but I've never heard anyone as vocally challenged as Cassie.

    That blog did a nice job making it seem like she had something special about her, but aside from laying down her vocals on a couple of amazing songs, I fail to see/hear it.
  12. Pen Expers

    Pen Expers Moderator

    I've always liked this little piece about "Is It You":

  13. I really liked her last album, i loved Just One Nite. Would love to hear another album.

    I do agree although i have not heard her sing live i can imagine she is not amazing, but she must had got a record deal for some reason or another.
  14. paul lekakis

    paul lekakis Guest

    I agree. "Official Girl" is officialy THE song without any discernable melody whatsoever. I wouldn't be able to hum one chord of it, it's just a beat with monotonous vocals on top and a lame rap by somebody who is capable of more. (both Lil Wayne and Cassie)
    Worst Danja production ever? Indeed.

    "Thirsty" is so much more amazing. I want this album!
    Her debut I liked (especially the two singles), but it could have been better. It's 11 tracks long and even then I can find some filler on it. (Kiss me, the Interlude, Not With You)
  15. Her first album would've been great if she had some talent. She's the female equivalent of Soulja Boy, in my opinion. No talent to speak of. All of that amazing production gone to waste.

    ...However, SHE IS HOT!!! I could stare at her all damn day, she's incredible. She should definitely get into acting and star in a few horror flicks as the girl who gets naked.
  16. Pen Expers

    Pen Expers Moderator

    I think there's very little filler on the first album. And the production would be nothing without her vocals. I couldn't give a shit how she sounds live, she 's got a wonderful detached character in her voice on record, part arrogant, part innocent, part seductive.
  17. Has everyone heard Activate? Immense.
  18. All which was done completely by accident. Her voice has virtually NO range. I wouldn't even call it actual singing. Her "voice" is dull, flat and boring on very single record she has ever been in. That's the full extent of her "vocal range."
  19. Pen Expers

    Pen Expers Moderator

    Who are you to determine that the GREATNESS of it was done by accident? And if it was, I wouldn't care. The end result is immense.
  20. Well, if that's what you like...

    To me, Cassie is not a skilled vocalist, or any kind of vocalist. You don't need to have a powerful vocal range, but you should at least have some skill. The fact that this girl has a record deal and managed to keep it is amazing. She seems really nice, but she's a horrible, horrible "singer."
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