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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Pen Expers, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. Does anyone know why the RockaByeBaby EP isn't on Spotify?
  2. Cuz it's a free mixtape and wasn't properly licensed/cleared samples etc.
    The version that was once up on iTunes/Tidal or whatever was uploaded by those fake bootleg labels that somehow manage to do that stuff illegally sometimes.
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  3. We're supposed to be getting Hungover this week, with a few more other songs that have been teased on IG recently to follow. This is allegedly leading up to an album.
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  4. : A Cassie Biopic
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  5. "Excuses" is such a stellar song. Those strings at the end... wow. Looking forward to the album!
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  6. Two new songs this week!

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  7. Speaking Of seems to have vanished from streaming platforms but I'm obsessed with Don't Let Go! Love her music so much, hope she never quits. And this new shoot!!


    What a legend.
  8. What was the second one? The link is gone. Unless this was this song that has just been reposted on Soundcloud?

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  9. It was! These are the best ones by far to me.
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  10. Perfect choice of collaborator! I love Ro James' music and Cassie choosing to work with him makes a lot of sense. I'd love for her to keep working with up-and-coming R&B artists such as Luke James, Elijah Blake, Asiahn, Arin Ray, Leven Kali, Justine Skye... there are plenty of R&B singers who emerged in recent years who fit her sound perfectly and would bring something interesting to it.

    Even though I greatly enjoy those weekly releases and appreciate the low-key production style she is going for, I am still mad we never got those songs she made with KAYTRANADA and Black Coffee that she teased months/years ago. Maybe we'll get them eventually but working with these amazing producers was such a logical yet bold move from her.

  11. I loooove!

    Going by the artwork and production credits, the first free "EP" was produced by Chris N Teeb and these two we got so far from the second one were by Rob Holladay but doesn't seem like they'll be separate projects as she's just ordering them like that in a "Free Fridays" playlist.
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  12. I think since these are supposed to be freebies I do (somehow) have faith she's still saving some of that stuff by bigger producers considering there are plans for an actual album apparently after these Free Friday drops/next year.
    I want the other Kaytranada songs so bad! Don't Play It Safe has probably become my favorite song of hers.
  13. Gosh, today marks 13 years since the debut album came out. Will be blasting it all day (so nothing unusual for me) along with this week's release which is a stone cold bop!!

    truth is I’m good with it
    really I’m good with it, I’m cool with it, I’m fine with it
    really I’m good with it


    I'm enjoying this second EP a lot more than the first I feel.
    And I can't believe this is the EIGHTH consecutive song she drops this Summer. Bring on the album, Ventura Music!
  14. "Don't Play It Safe" and "Obvious" were both stellar songs. "Don't Let Go" is my favorite of the new stuff. She's the master of elegant, sensual, slightly subdued bops.
  15. It's on Spotify but under a weird name. I'll see if i can find it
  16. Rock A Bye Baby is on spotify under the artist name Lil Cassi
  17. It's still up on Tidal as well along with a messy version of the fanmade Dope n Diamonds mixtape but it's most likely by the same sketchy bootleg label who originally tried uploading it to all the other platforms years ago (although most were eventually taken down). I'm not sure how they do it and why some are apparently still up in some places but welp...

    Also as I was looking through Tidal seems like this week's release is not Good With It yet but a different song she teased last week, it's called "Simple Things":
    Sounds a bit more basic but another bop!
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