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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Pen Expers, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. So, her official channel was just re-titled "The Fine's" and they re-uploaded this teaser for a bop that ended up never being released officially back in 2011, and the "Love a Loser" short film.

    And also this...

    What is happening?
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  2. Make You a Believer did get a release in the US along with Radio back in the day.

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  3. Alex (her husband) isn’t a musician, right? Maybe it’s a rebrand of her YouTube channel that’ll include him and their newborn baby? I just want her to put out the Black Coffee and KAYTRANADA tracks that were teased in 2017.
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  4. Is there a Cassie unreleased expert who can help me out with a complete list of her leaks sorted by 'era' (approximately anyway since I'm sure that information isn't available for all of them)?
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  5. I am still looking for the Cassie Trilogy after all these years. If someone out here has those fanmade albums...
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  6. I guess you could roughly organize them in like four different recording time periods, although the leaks mostly come from the first version of her second album she was working on (2007-2010), which was the only title she's ever announced for it ('Electro Love') in early 2009 but by late 2011 she had already changed that too.

    2005-2007 (Debut era* and early sophomore album sessions)
    Don't Go Too Slow (Prod. Ryan Leslie)*
    In Love With U (Prod. Ryan Leslie)*
    Sometimes (feat. Ryan Leslie) (Prod. Ryan Leslie)
    Right Time (Prod. Ryan Leslie)
    Stray (feat. Brandon Hines) (Prod. Ryan Leslie)
    I Don't Love You (Prod. Ryan Leslie)
    I Never Knew (Prod. Uness)
    Shakespeare (Prod. Mysto & Pizzi)
    2 The Morning (Prod. Bryan-Michael Cox)
    Whatcha Gonna Do (Prod. Bryan-Michael Cox)
    Turn The Lights Off (Prod. Rico Love)
    In Love With The DJ (Prod. Jim Jonsin)
    Let Me Go (Prod. Darkchild)
    Up In Here (Prod. Darkchild)
    What She Don’t Know (Won’t Hurt Her) (Prod. Darkchild)
    Thirsty (Prod. Eric Hudson)
    I Got One (2night) (Prod. Seven Aurelius)
    My House (Prod. Seven Aurelius)
    She Can't Love You (Prod. Seven Aurelius)
    Activate (feat. Newz) (Prod. Irv Gotti/Chink Santana)
    Talkin' Like This (Prod. Sean C & LV)
    Push It (Prod. Sean C & LV)
    Can U Feel Me (Prod. Traxx Trigga)
    Not What Love Is (Prod. Mario Winans)

    2008-2011 (Full on 'Electro Love' sessions)
    Look What You Done (Prod. Danja)
    Nobody But You (Prod. Tricky & Dream)
    I’m A Lover (Prod. Tricky & Dream)
    Summer Charm (Prod. Tricky & Dream)
    Keep On Lovin’ Me (feat. The-Dream) (Prod. Tricky & Dream)
    Stamina (Prod. D'Mile)
    Fuck You Silly (feat. Nicki Minaj) (Prod. Dallas Austin)
    Hide (feat. Pharrell) (Prod. The Neptunes)
    Skydiver (Prod. Chris N Teeb)
    HD (Prod. J-Doe/Yung Berg)
    I Need Love (feat. K-Young) (Prod. Rob Holladay)
    Breathe Again (Prod. Surf Club)
    Show Me (?)

    2011-2012 ("King of Hearts" album version sessions)
    Money On Love (The Boys Demo) (Prod. Jean Baptiste)
    Gimme That (Prod. Drew Money/Brian Lee)
    End Of The Line (Prod. Knotch)
    IV (Prod. Knotch)
    Young Forever (Prod. Toby Gad)

    2014-2018 (Post-mixtape, sessions for a 3rd different concept version of the album)
    Lift Off Love (Prod. Knotch)
    Makeup (Prod. Detail)
    Shotty (Prod. Stereotypes)
    Love A Loser (Original) (Prod. Ben Billions)

    I guess you could count Good Wit' It as well (which was produced by Rob Holladay and a part of the Free Fridays thing she did last year but scrapped its release literally at the last minute).
    Plus there's also a few other solo and demo versions of stuff that was released and dozens of other snippets Cassie herself or people working with her shared over the years.

    Editing to quote cause I somehow missed this the other day when I posted but I really do have it so let me know if you're still looking.
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