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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Pen Expers, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. It looks like someone has uploaded Hide to her spofity. It is indeed a bop.
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  2. Unreleased song from 2016. Produced by Detail.
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  3. Been listening to Wine Wine Wine NONSTOP for the past few days DAMN it's hot.
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  4. But what is she saying in the chorus tho? surely it's not "finally look up and wind it and watch it go wine wine wine, finally look up and wind it and wind up then wine wine wine"? fff
  5. It's really infuriating how many wasted bops Cassie has in the vault.

    The amount of missed opportunities she could've had with all these scrapped eras. She says she wants to be remembered for her artistry, but I just don't see it...
  6. Hey, I'm on a Cassie binge and listening to her debut and her mixtape. But I've lost track on her later material. Does anyone have a list of songs she's released lately? Thanks xx
  7. Love A Loser and Don't Play It Safe were released in late 2017 as a teaser for yet another incarnation of the second album, then after the Diddy split it was scrapped.

    In 2019 she released a series of songs:
    Simple Things
    Speaking Of
    Teach Me
    Don't Let Go

    -- they are part of a "project" called Free Friday's and when you play them all together make up one of the best projects of 2019. They have a bit more of neo-soul/stripped back vibe than most of her other music but are still really interesting and very "Cassie".

    Then she dipped again, but she did release Time with Black Coffee this year which is probably my favourite song of the year.
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  8. thanks for this! But why is Speaking Of the only song not released on Apple Music??
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  9. As a Spofity gay I have no idea. It could be due to the fact these songs were only released for streaming and not to purchase? (as far as I know)
  10. Oh well, it's weird cause every other song you listed are on Apple Music.
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  11. HOW has she still not got a second album out? I honestly remember being 12 and hearing Is It You on Step Up 2 and being perched for the second album, now I'm 26 dddd.
  12. This made me chuckle out loud, because not only is it so true but I also have been waiting and made me think of all those false starts!
  13. The RockaByeBaby mixtape was kind of like a second album, but... yeah, it's absurd.

    I'm glad she's still releasing music, though, even if it'll always be one song at a time!
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  14. Also it's brilliant. Just had to point that out!
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  15. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I have a 14-track fanmade album called Electro Love. It slaps
  16. Probably a sneaky fan upload. Hide appeared on her Spofity the same way.
  17. What song does Wine Wine Wine sample?
  18. An enya song apparently.
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