I was not prepared for how shocking that video was, I really urge others to go in with caution because, wow.

My heart bleeds for her. Thank god she was able to break free and find some peace & clarity.

DEATH! To Diddy.
I hope all the people who were upset Cassie settled will shut their mouths now. Hopefully they can still get him on something else though. According to google statute of limitations for sex trafficking is 10 years, and for murder there is none. Open the Kim Porter case back up! The death of his career is not enough, he needs to rot in prison.
I was definitely one of those people saying ''whatever happened to Cassie?'' as I remember her at the time and thought she was going to be the next big star.

That video is just shocking. What a disgusting man.
Yeah I saw the video and it made me literally throw up. That man is a monster.

I'm just so proud of Cassie for escaping him, I'm trying to take comfort in the fact that she is now healthy, happy and a mother to two beautiful baby girls like she always wanted to be. I'm sure she's an incredible one. Such a strong woman. I hope she knows that by speaking out she will have changed so many lives and inspired so many.
Kinda shocked she's had over 10 million monthly listeners on Spotify for a few weeks now
Me & U and Long Way 2 Go have truly become certified classics. If only she had been allowed to release more projects/music consistently