Batmobile said:
The Illuminati issue? Oh dear.

Haha, seriously.

jmmc13 said:
! Maybe she will share more "solid" info on the video blog she's doing

I sure hope that's the case.

I usually detest it when fans "demand" the "right" to know what's going on, but I'm going to be one of those fans right now. I hope to anything that we get something solid. C'mon Cass. Quit dickin' around.
Oh fucking hell if ANYONE can find a host-free version of this mixtape they'd be my savoir. Fucking Diddy talking all over the tracks again. Ugh.

Radio sounds hot though.
Diddy says in the final track the new album is finally being released in 2012 and the new single "King of Hearts" about to drop this year!
I'm so excited. Whatever she releases, I'm gonna go to the Florida Keys and just start grinding the air with my headphones on.
"We gotta lot of wisdom"

I laughed.

Anyway, we'll see if this actually unfolds. Knowing Diddy anything could happen...
I think the single at least will get released, the album may depend on the reception of the single though but I do also feel we will be getting it eventually too!
This mixtape better get some heat online!

Anyways these will make me happy for a while and all I want is new music so :D
This is what we all wanted TBH. Clear sights of Movement for the album. I'm thinking because of the amount of time they have now spent on it (seeming Official Girl, Let's Get Crazy and Must Be Love were all released over a space of a year and a half) it's now been 2 years since material was released, and it's actually been a long time since we got the influx of leaks we used to.

Just the announcement of the single is great. It means they are actually working on it. Which tbh, I thought they weren't. King of Hearts sounds like a great title btw!!

C'mon Cassie! I think if she can atleast get it dented onto the Hot 100, the Dance charts, or R&B charts (Depending on what genre the song is) Then she will be allowed to release the album.
These songs are really strong, and her voice is actually giving me what I need. I can see these being 'Motivation'-style hits.

I had time to think about it, people like to talk bad about Bad Boy. No, it's not the greatest label, but can you tell me any other label that's going to keep an artist signed for over 6 years off the back of one mild hit, six flops, and seemingly no public interest? It's obviously benefiting her.
We all know why they're keeping her on though!

'Radio' is my favourite Cassie song to date! I adore how she's singing it and the lyrics are so clever. Props to whoever wrote them.
This is the lane she needs to be in. Early 2000s R&B sound.
Radio reminds me of The Roof mixed with something else that i can't put my finger on, non the less it's pretty incredible.

Well that's because it samples Mobb Deep's "Shook Ones Pt. II", the same sample Mariah used for The Roof.

Lauri2592 said:
I'm really annoyed Make You A Believer has Diddy's voice all over it and the annoying tag in the middle.

Same! As I said before, I hope there's eventually a host-free version of this mixtape so we don't have to listen to all the tags.