aOblivious said:
3Xs said:
Er, what auto-tune? I don't hear any noticeable studio effects on her vocals. You're talking as if she's Ke$ha.

Yes, the majority of the tracks off her debut use auto-tune. Me & U, Call U Out, Ditto, Kiss Me, etc. The only song that I can think has her somewhat natural voice is 'What Do u Want' during the verses. Also, many of the reviews notes he ruse of pitch correction. It doesn't have to be as blatant as Cher's 'Believe' to mean it's been used. I had no idea that there were people who didn't know this.

I don't even know if you're being serious now or not....
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I love Radio, it's nice to have some new songs. I'm a big Cassie fan I'm just not very vocal about it here, Official Girl is perfection!
Coping With Senility said:
Sometime's it's best to just ignore aOblivious, I have come to realise.

The chorus of "Don't Lose It" is beautiful. Give me a middle 8 though please.

I know! And it 's SO catchy, can't stop listening to this! Kinda hope her new stuff doesn't start leaking online like crazy again though as I'm pretty sure this is supposed to make the final cut even if it's just a demo clip.


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jmmc13 hello.

1. Please don't post animated GIFs. If you can't find the words to express what you mean, leave the forum.

2. Please don't use emoticons. Nobody else does, it would be odd if you were the one exception.

3. All that "in your opinion" stuff - pretty childish to be honest, give it a rest and just get stuck into having a good chat about pop music.

4. Don't try and get around the rules by writing L O L - the rules are there for a reason. Actually, have you even read them? There's a link to them on every single page of the site. Give them a once over when you get a moment.

The preview of King Of Hearts is suprisingly amazing. The production is immense. It's sounding like something dance Kelly Rowland would record.