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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Pen Expers, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. Even though RockaByeBaby was only a mixtape, it was still better than most albums released in 2013, so I basically count it as her 2nd "album".
  2. Lets see what happends!
  3. Nothing ever ends up happening but anyway:

    - She shot a new movie in the past couple months, The Perfect Match, co-starring alongside Terrence Jenkins (used to host 106 & Park with Rocsi and I believe he's on E! now) directed by Bille Woodruff (Honey, Beauty Shop, C-Milian's Bring It On - wish he was directing her new music video instead...) it's most likely a straight to dvd rom com type of deal.
    - Cassie posted a pic on Instagram last week with singer-songwriter Tiffany Fred and the girl replied to fans confirming she's writing for/working on new music with Cassie (apparently she's worked with a bunch of ppl like Jennifer Hudson, Keri Hilson, Fantasia, Tamar Braxton, Jason Derulo, Sevyn Streeter etc but the only concrete relevant-ish thing I've seen her credited on was Zendaya's Replay song)
    - Cassie was also in the studio with the Stereotypes (Danity Kane) last week
    - She dropped a new line with that Diamond skateboard clothing line recently so has been doing some in-store appearances and hosting some clubs around the US (or I guess going "on tour" as she liked to call it regarding music promotion -sigh) lately when she feels like it as usual.

    And here she was doing nothing slaying the red carpet at the BET Awards last month:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  4. Just new Cassie music, that's all I want.
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  5. I start to feel it really may be a now or never moment next year with the whole 10-year anniversary thing if she is serious (which is clear she never has been) about ever giving us a proper new album.

    Oh and a bit of bad news I forgot on that other update post, according to some talk in the Pharrell circuit *apparently* Hide was given to someone else.. seems a bit odd after all these years (?) but hopefully her version still ends up leaking someday for all of us that have been waiting since 2009. Jesus.
  6. It's kind of amazing that she still gets all these things and gets to walk the red carpet when she has one album that wasn't even particularly successful.
  7. Well you prob don't even need to have had an album at all to walk the BET Awards red carpet ha! but I know what you mean.
  8. I have been dying for this song since the snippet leaked, somebody good better have gotten it!
  9. I need her to come back and have a highlander duel with Jhene Aiko. After that she can go back to weaving baskets on a ranch with Diddy or whatever it is she does.
  10. How has she only had one album, it's absolutely astounding after all the studio time she seems to put in...
  11. BML


    I feel like next year has to be it. I've been holding on to that little sliver of information we got a while back about the wheels moving again after Puffy's album is released, and he's got a new single out now so that can't be too far away. I said it before but if Interscope is smart, they'd play the 'a decade after her debut album!' angle, do a lowkey release (think Night Time, My Time) and just let word spread. There's no point in trying with countless buzz singles anymore.
  12. Same. Hopefully she got to keep the song though, I don't really want other random artist to get it now after all this time. She's such a mess, I will never get over her giving us hope after RockaByeBaby came out with this:

    "How do you feel about having so much unreleased music? I don’t have any weird feelings toward it. Making music is a daily process. I could put out a song that I made three years ago, but I don’t know if it makes sense right now. But there’s definitely records that I am sitting on that I feel a little bit selfish to keep, and I’m still probably going to figure out some way to get it to the fans, to get it to people. I worked with Pharrell, and we have a record together that people may have heard a clip of but they haven’t heard the whole thing, and it’s like me sitting on some gold. Like really dope stuff, but it’s older. Anything that’s on my computer that is probably over three years old, it’s okay that it stays that there."

    And then last year on Instagram hinting it was finally coming during the Summer and then low key deleting the post once Summer was over as if no one would notice........ so rude!

    I think it's up to Cassie's level of commitment to the project during a period long enough to finish it (like she did with RockaByeBaby), that's why I also feel like in her mind if she has the "10 year anniversary" mindset and has to deliver on time she might just finally do it instead of scrapping concepts over and over again and working on random material because there will actually be a "reason" not to delay it again and start over after going on yet another vacation. Then again she'd have to care about that anniversary thing in the first place.

    I doubt Bad Boy/Interscope would lose that much in putting a Cassie album out even if it does end up being the inevitable commercial flop with no "hit single" to lead. If only she was as committed to making albums as she is to Diddy we'd probably be on her sixth by now.
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  14. 73 pages, six years.. working on it.
  15. I finally ordered the vinyl edition of Cassie. Two copies actually - one to enjoy, and one to keep wrapped forever (like my prized Body Talk vinyl I haven't touched since 2010..)
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  16. KAG


    She doesn't strike me as an overly ambitious person, which is a shame because she's a decent popstar when she bothers. Her mixtape RockaByeBaby was genuinely great and of course 'Me & U', 'Long Way 2 Go' and 'King of Hearts' are all bops.
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