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Cassie's ever-moving album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Pen Expers, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. It appears she's scrapped most of the stuff she was working on prior to this year's sessions (she seems to refer particularly to Makeup, said she had a creative change of heart right before shooting the video for that single.) Also wants to drop a new song every month (sure jan).
  2. Sums it up.
  3. I hate it when people come for her not having a second album when she made one of my favourite albums of all time, people would kill for an actual album to be as strong as that masterpiece.
  4. Cassie dropping a new song every month seems about as unlikely as Charli or Tinashe getting through albums out anytime soon.
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  5. Speaking of RockaByeBaby and in typical incredibly random Cassie fashion, Revolt TV aired the unreleased "I Love It" video she shot in 2013 last night during a Cassie special cuz of the Love a Loser film premiere:

    It's not super impressive just a mixtape visual but it's nice getting to see it after all this time, hopefully they'll upload the HD as I'm sure it adds to the viewing experience and that dark club aesthetic~ but I doubt it...
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  6. Was this really unreleased? I just watched it and realized that I’ve seen this already... maybe it was just a snippet though.
  7. Yea, you're probably thinking of the behind the scenes vids:

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  8. Hey all! I'm a huge Cassie fan, I bop to all her mixtape songs. She really finds songs that create an atmospheric vibe.
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  9. Here's a longer DPIS preview:

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  10. Is that her with Laurieann Gibson?!
  11. Yea they've been friends since she joined Bad Boy cuz Laurieann is close with Diddy and choreographed lots of things for them as well. They're in Mexico celebrating his birthday actually.

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  12. #Boomkassie
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  13. Hey guys i like The Boys.
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  14. Cassie said "Don't Play It Safe" is coming this Friday along with the video. She confirmed it's one of the tracks Kaytranada produced. Guess we'll have to wait and see if it really happens.. "Love a Loser" also entered urban radio's top 40 today although it's obviously not going any further anyway.
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  15. Cassie x Kaytranada sounds amazing on paper, I'm excited!!
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  16. I'm screaming. Poor that.
  17. I like it!! I think I prefer Love a Loser but this is good too
  18. Ok this slaps. Give us that alberm, kween.
  19. I like this a lot *pats pussy*
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