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Cassie's ever-moving album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Pen Expers, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. I looove it but what's up with these short ass tracks...?!

    Joint (No Sleep) 2:53
    Love a Loser 2:52 (feat. a much longer than necessary G-Eazy verse, still waiting for the original solo version to leak!)
    Don't Play It Safe 2:52

    I really hope we get to hear the other 3 songs she did with Kay!
    Pitchfork also reviewed this:
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  2. These backgrounds are LUSH. Cassie saved Christmas.
  3. Just listened to King of Hearts, Love a Loser and Don't Play It Safe... My god what kind of ear pleasure those three songs are, I really need a full album from Cassie
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  4. [​IMG]
  5. Don’t Play It Safe is a grower! But can we agree that Ditto/ Long Way 2 Go knocks and it’s one of Cassie’s best songs?
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  6. Apropos of nothing, this still goes all the way off.

  7. "King of Hearts" is one of the greatest songs from the 2010s dance-pop era. The production is such a trip to Saturn and back.
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  8. Explosive. Most girls would kill for a song this good.

  9. Still amazing 6 years later!
  10. King Of Hearts is absolutely phenomenal!
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  11. Just hearing “Don’t Play it Safe” <instantly on repeat for next 24 hrs and now following her ever move>. Jaw-dropping, effortless and modern.
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  12. This looks fabulous. I'm excited.
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  13. Has she stopped dancing in her music videos?

  14. She looks snatched. I'd happily take an album of tracks like these.
  15. She's so hot! I'd watch her for hours and don't get tired
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  16. Can't get enough of the single, way better than the G-Eazy feature. Hopefully an album of smooth electronic-R&B jams is on its way sooner rather than later.
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  17. Please let the fact she’s actually released two songs with videos mean there’s really an album coming this time.
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  18. I love this and I love that she exists within some sort of 2005 time capsule.
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  19. Another new song coming:

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