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Cassie's ever-moving album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Pen Expers, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. I wonder if an album is coming after all of this.

  2. "Muse" is out and what fresh hell have they done to her vocals?!
  3. What the hell is that? What an aimless wisp of a song. She might as well have not bothered featuring.
  4. I actually quite like the song but yea it's a pointless feature.

    Meanwhile Don't Play It Safe keeps getting better with every listen, really hope she manages to drop the other Kaytranada cuts as well.

  5. Thanks to Facebook for letting me know it's the SIXTH birthday of inconclusive chanteuse Cassie's Certified Bop™, the timeless "King of Hearts"!
  6. What a wonderful song, I played it to death
  7. I heard Don’t Play It Safe in H&M and Shazam’d it thinking it was a new Kelly Rowland track (they sound so similar in the chorus). I’ve never really followed Cassie and her lack of album, but it’s such a fantastic song. The production is lovely! It sounds contemporary but takes me back too.

    I also checked out Love A Loser after and I quite like it too. She looks stunning in both videos.
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  8. I’m ready for another song...or is this it for the next decade?
  9. 9 more songs and we can make our own album.
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  10. Do we think it’s actually coming this time? I lost hope after her last active period (2012-2013) resulted in another hiatus.

  11. ---

    Didn't know where to post this and kinda off topic but then again not really as I was searching for Cassie's name on the forum and just learned about Brandon's passing and I'm so shocked, he's always been so sweet and kind.. I vividly remember so many interactions I've had with him, spazzing out when Cassie performed "Me & U" on the Bad Boy tour a couple years ago or him sending me his own untagged edit of one of my fave Cassie songs (IV) among so many other (big) little things, very heartbreaking and I miss you dearly.
  12. Who’s Brandon?
  13. @BML

    In case someone hasn't listened to these extended snippets (since some sites have posted them as being new these days) here they are:


    Lift Off:

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  14. Those sound great.
  15. Lift Off Love was actually up for bid on that site that sells unreleased music for bitcoins (and someone rich actually bought it! nn) a few weeks ago so hopefully whoever got that understands the struggle Cassie fans go through and eventually shares the HQ... I'm still pressed about that song after Knotch's shenanigans saying he was gonna leak it if we got him 1k retweets (which we did) and then he only streamed that shitty quality snippet.

    As for Makeup she basically said she scrapped it in one of the DPIS promo interviews cuz she restarted the new project sessions in early 2017 and now only wants to put out the records she writes herself or whatever so that could leak already too...
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  16. Is there an EP in the works at least? Her signature sound is actually on trend right now and I’d hate for her to waste the goodwill she’s had going since Love a Loser dropped. LAL and DPIS are two of my fave singles from her and they belong on some sort of project.
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  17. Something is always in the works with her, she just never bothers to release the projects for some reason so she ends up changing the concept and start a new body of work... A fan recently met one of her closest friends and said he'd basically been telling her to release it to the public as well but she's hesitant, plus made it seem like it has nothing to do with record labels and it's mostly her.
    Her sound (if we can call it that) has been on trend for quite a while now and she literally was MIA for all these years til Love a Loser - even after the attention and goodwill she got with that promising run of King of Hearts, the Nicki single, the mixtape etc.
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  18. Kinda lost interest in her. She had potential and released King Of Hearts, and for me personally that was her peak.
  19. I just want her to drop the other Kaytranada songs asap before the beats go somewhere else. Oh, and the Black Coffee one as well but Rihanna's probably already snatched that since they seemingly stopped mentioning it, he probably realized she wouldn't be releasing the project anytime soon (or ever...)
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  20. So turns out Cassie's still been in the studio with Black Coffee after all... I wonder what happened to the other song, this better not be a "the track went to someone else so we'll work on a new one to make it up" since the snippets sounded amazing!

    And she's gonna be on Empire:

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