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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by absintheboy, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. moorje

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    Move To This - Those singles!
    Into The Skyline - Underrated album
    Am I The Kind Of Girl? - Piss poor britpop
  2. Just get this;

    It's the same album, free with initial copies.
  3. I have to point out some "facts" about the singles for anyone who just has the album;

    Just Another Dream
    Original single verison much better (exclusive to 1st issue CD single)

    Touch me (All Night Long)
    Album version better than single version. The single version drops the stuttery "a-a-a-all night long" bits.

    Too Many Walls
    She re-recorded this as an acoustic B-side from one of the Am I The Kind Of Girl? singles (I forget which). Lovely!

    Everybody Move
    Single version so much better! Remixed by Shep Pettibone. Only on the CD single. Might be on the 'Best Of' budget CD, can't recall off hand.
  4. Thanks Anfunny! I'm amazed people can sell things for as much as that...I guess there's a market.
  5. You could get all the CD singles with all those mixes on for cheaper than £84!
  6. Ha, true! Although wasn't the point of the remix release that it contained several exclusive mixes?
  7. I wished she was still writing her Sexcassettes album
  9. Me too. I want to go back to 1990 and marry her. Haha.
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  10. When you say Original single version do you mean the one with the extra verse and the fairground video? I have the 12" but never thought to look for the CD version.

    I never noticed that difference in Touch Me. I knew there was a difference but could never quite put my finger on it.

    The Pettibone remix of "Everybody Move" was a vast improvement.
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  12. In case you hadn't heard it, her song 'Find the key to your life' that ended up on the second Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtles film soundtrack (I KNOW RIGHT?!) is very good:
  13. I did find all the differences between certain LP/single versions confusing when I made my Cathy Dennis "best of" last year; I think, judging from anfunny's info, I might not have got it exactly right in terms of correct 7" mixes.
  14. I'm so ashamed of you.
  15. I had no idea 'Everybody Move' was given a makeover, having just discovered it, I can say it's bloody awesome. I never liked the album version, it plods too much.
  16. Yeah, the 7" of Everybody Move turns a pretty dull album cut into a decent single.
  17. Cathy is one of those artists that has very little YouTube material (not quite as bad as someone like Gabrielle).

    I uploaded a crappy Chart Show version of "Everybody Move" as I feel everybody should gave the wonder of her beauty....

    I still imagine her colouring her hair with orange felt tip pens. This is poptruth as Smash Hits said it was true at the time and why would I not believe them?
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  18. Yes I can confirm the version of 'Everybody Move' on the budget 'best of' is the single 7" Rermix.
  19. There's also the 'Pop Mix' of Everybody Move, which is essentially a re-edit of the single remix. To my ears it's the same other than the intro, which drops the 'Everybody hit the floor' vocal in favour of a runway effect that leads into the vogue-esque backing, and then the song picks up from the first verse. Don't know if it appears on anything other than 'Move to this - the remix album'.
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