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Cathy Dennis

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by absintheboy, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. From the Am I The Kind of Girl era? Ooooh, intriguing!
  2. Yes! Although the CD2 of When Dreams Turn To Dust had the original single versions of her hits, the version of Falling on CD1 was a new recording, a bit more acoustic.
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  3. Oh I did not know she re-recorded it. Perhaps im in the minority but I always thought the single version of Falling was way worse than the album version.
  4. I prefer the album version aswell (same goes for Why obvs) it's more chilled.
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  5. I was never a big fan of the single or album versions. I always thought there were better songs on the album that could have become singles. I know Being With You was not really single material, but I was quite obsessed with it when I got the album.
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  6. So according to this youtube account I love, which has calculated the most successful females of the 90s on the Billboard chart, Dame Catherine of Dennis was the 20th biggest female of the whole decade (and biggest british female)!

    I find that rather bizarre given she only really had 3 top ten hits and was absent from the chart for 8 years of the decade.

    When will your faves etc….
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  7. I guess there just weren't that many solo female acts who had a lot of US success in the 90s. This is purely on the Hot 100, I assume.
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  8. Though the rankings seem accurate (per Joel Whitburn's Billboard Hot 100 books), the person who assembled this video limited the list to SOLO female artists. This means it's missing TLC, En Vogue, SWV, Salt-N-Pepa, Wilson Phillips and grey area stuff like Ace Of Base and Roxette, all of which outperformed Dame Catherine.

    She still enjoyed an excellent run on the U.S. charts!
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  9. Just listened to the Into the Skyline album today, definitely better than I remembered it. I recently got the Japanese edition but I'm a flop because I didn't get the one with It's My Style.
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  10. I really like it, though I remember being surprised that so many people hadn't realised the ribbon on the front cover spelled Cathy.
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  11. Still bitter about Sexcassettes.

    This has put me in the mood for a bit of Cathy today.

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  12. Glorious!

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  13. Loved that chunky early '90s kinda Ariel typography - see Kylie ROL-era singles, Madonna Vogue etc
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  14. Yeah it was great for making fan made covers!
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  15. Indeed!

    An early effort....

  16. The pure pleasure performance of the pre Weinstein era Touch Me has actually intensified over the years for me - mostly because singers like herself, Gina G and Tracy Shaw don't ever get a look in these days and yet their hopeful agonies about bursting for boys and the life called Night are reminders that less can be so much more (when processed to perfection). Too many walls (of prejudice).
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  17. It was remixed by Brand New Heavies for release but never came out. The amount of unreleased Cathy Dennis material from the 90s is staggering.
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  18. I would like to know which cloth eared idiot decided

    a-'Why' (album version) wasn't the lead single and
    b- How 'Why' (single version/atrocity) was allowed to be limped out as fourth single.
  19. Wow, I knew the album version was promoted as a single but didn't realise there were mixes done too.
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  20. thanks for the reminder....I haven't thought about this album for years even though its on my Ipad, is a great dance/pop album!
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