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Cathy Dennis

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by absintheboy, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. She looks like Scully from The X-Files in this pic.
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  2. I've got that CD at home somewhere!
  3. I don't know why it never happened. Even if no record label was interested in releasing a Cathy Dennis' album in 2008, I wished Simon Fuller gave her the chance to release it through his own label 19 Recordings: he gave to Amy Studt the chance to release "My Paper Made Men" and Sarah Whatmore to release "Time to Think". I wished he gave to Rachel Stevens a chance to release a follow-up of "Come & Get It"
  4. Annoyingly (the deluxe version of her debut aside) her albums are blocked in the UK. Universal once again uploading content to the digital stores then geoblocking it it’s original country of release. Sigh.
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  5. @Eric Generic triggered
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  6. We have NOTHING in Greece.
  7. Why would they do that?

    I don't have the expanded debut. I'm tempted...
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  8. I can only assume some kind of fault. There’s a fair few other albums owned by Universal which have been out online but blocked in the UK. Alisha’s Attics second one, Adam Ricketts, The Saturdays second one, Mary Kiani, Cathy’s.
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  9. I think loads of people wished Rachel got another album
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  10. I have goosebumps. Wow, Cathy. It's painful that a song like this is relegated to permanent demo-status.
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  11. Märy Kiani hhhhh love her! But yeah this is a really weird logic to follow. Not that I'm too fussed as I prefer physical over digital unless physical's not gonna see the light of day.
    Move To This as a deluxe reissue is still in rotation on my pod. What a package.
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  12. Such a shame she threw her own career out of the window and started giving her best to other people. Money talks, I suppose.
  13. Yeah what a loser being sensible and not carrying on releasing non-charting singles and albums that sell 10 copies.
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  14. I think that she also must have liked being behind the scenes, otherwise she would have tried to release something over the years to see there was still a place for her.
  15. Yes, it was probably a sensible thing to do but personally I would have like to witness at least a couple of album eras more. She could've possibly pulled it off with something dance oriented. The mid 90's weren't kind to pop girls gone indie (Cathy, Siobhan Fahey/ Shakespears Sister etc.).
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  16. Yep. See also: Neneh Cherry, Betty Boo, Beverley Craven....virtually all the early 90s ladies were jettisoned by the Spice Age and the tween pop that followed. If they could maintain a career by writing for others, then fair play to them.
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  17. Good example. Me however, I find that Neneh had some hits after she first came to prominence, and at least a comeback single right? Beverley Craven, wow, still have her debut album (sealed, ouch), wasn't she more like a one-hit wonder (no offence!).
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  18. Beverley had a second album in 1993, which debuted at #3 or #4 the same week PSB's Very entered at #1. Love Scenes. But it didn't yield any hit singles of note, and disappeared within a couple of months or so. Then she took a 6-year break for motherhood, etc, and returned in 1999 but that album didn't even trouble the charts at all as far as I remember. You should give the debut a listen, it's great!
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  19. Kylie's wilderness years being a case in point!
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  20. I shall!
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