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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by absintheboy, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Promise Me is one of my favourite 90s singles and I love Beverley's voice and Nicola Bryant looks! I've never heard anything else by her.

    Would you recommend her debut? Is it fairly similar to Promise Me throughout?
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  2. Yes, it's all very much in that vein...a couple of more "uptempo" (as in mildly using a band to flesh out the sound with drums and guitars!) tracks like Holding On and Woman To Woman, but plenty of songs like Promise Me....some beautiful stuff, which sounds especially heavenly on headphones (many moons ago I once likened listening to Beverley Craven in this way as one of the wonders of the world).

    Sadly the second album just didn't have the songs for me....classic follow-up syndrome...the one outstanding song Feels Like The First Time was of the same vintage as the material from the debut, so it was obviously held back as a keeper.
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  3. Thanks, you are a man of impeccable taste so I will give the debut a go! Sounds right up my street.
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  4. I've been digitizing my old 1990/1991 charts lately, and I was reminded how Beverley's album took some time to catch did next to nothing on release in the summer of 1990, but then eventually Promise Me was a hit at the 2nd attempt and it all snowballed from there. A bit like Oleta Adams' debut (flop in June 1990, and then became the first album in history to debut as a re-entry at #1 in 1991).
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  5. C’mon and Get My Love playing at the hotel pool. Loving life.

    EDIT: and now Paula Abdul The Way That You Love Me. Who do I have to tip?
  6. Think I read somewhere it was an appearance on Wogan that gave Promise Me the kick it needed?

    I've been playing Love Scenes a lot recently, nice song.
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  7. Wasn't it her appearance at a televised charity concert (may have been for the Gulf War?) what made Promise Me noticed? I seem to remember something a la Tracy Chapman/Nelson Mandela concert thingy?
  8. Okay, so a few weeks ago I spotted nice condition copy of Move To This for 50p in a charity shop. As my own CD was in storage, I thought it was an easier way to have Dame Catherine's debut back in my life (as I'm digitizing my 1991 personal charts anyway, so the timing's all good).

    Anyway, got my CD bought in 1991 back out of storage at the weekend, mainly to put it in the "to sell" box since I reasoned I wouldn't need two identical versions of the album. Only when I had them side by side, I noticed some differences to the discs themselves and the back sleeve info. Putting them in iTunes, I discovered they have quite different length versions of a lot of tracks. I seem to vaguely recall something about this being mentioned here...maybe by @anfunny2003 or @phoenix123 .....

    So basically, can someone clarify the differences and what it means in terms of single versions, or UK/US mixes, etc. I think I'll be keeping both copies now!
  9. Are these the two?
    The first EU CD in 1990 seems to have the original (inferior) mix of All Night Long (Touch Me) and a slightly longer version of Too many Walls. I think this was the same as the US release?
    The UK CD release in 1991 has the proper single mix Touch Me (All Night Long) and an edited version of Too Many Walls. Seems to have a longer version of Just Another Dream too but I think that's just the intro looped a bit longer?

    I'm sure someone more informed can clarify.

    Of course we've had the expanded version since with a variety of mixes on it.

    I've just checked my iTunes for which original album I've uploaded and got totally confused by the track listing until I realised I must have uploaded the Japanese CD which has the original shorter version of Just Another Dream from the first CD, the single mixes of Touch Me and Too Many Walls from the second CD and the single version of Everybody Move which isn't on either!
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  10. Thanks! Yes, the one I got for 50p has (c) 1990 on the back, and the track lengths match what you've linked to. My 1991 copy has that shorter mix of Too Many Walls. I do remember discussing all the various versions of that song on here somewhere! I've got another edit of it from some compilation or other. I didn't bother with the Universal 2CD reissue as it never came down in price... #cheapskate.
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  11. Check the back cover - the US pressing says it was manufactured by Polygram Records, New York, New York.

    Anyway, heard Too Many Walls at the mall today. I've had some great musical moments in that mall (Texas' Say What You Want, Belegenda Carslayle's Mad About You), but this was probably the best of all as it was a total flop by a no-name in the US, and also one of my favorite songs in the world. I was off work today preparing to undergo surgery on Thursday, so pretty nervy, and hearing Too Many Walls of all goddamned things made me feel like the universe is on my side.
  12. Cathy Dennis a no-name in the US?
    With her 4 Top 10 hits?
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  13. No one here outside of pop buffs knows who she is, though. Admittedly you could say the same about Texas.
  14. Yes, it says that. Not a bad find.
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  15. I can't really help with the Cathy Dennis query... I have the 1991 UK CD, and the 2004 re-press of the 1990 USA CD, and they're different from each other, but the track lengths and titles printed on the USA one aren't correct and I get confused. ie;

    1990 USA printed / 1990 USA actual / 1991 UK CD
    Just Another Dream - 4:03 / 4:03 / 4:26
    All Night Long (Touch Me) - 4:09 / 4:05 / 4:00
    Too Many Walls - 4:38 / 4:05 / 4:14
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  16. Cathy Dennis' 3 albums are still blocked in the UK by Universal Music despite me pointing it out to them.

    Ok the deluxe first album is online but the standard one is blocked.
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  17. Is it easy to check the running times for the Move To This singles? Or were the UK and US single versions different too?
  18. I have Express Yourself levels of frustration with the slightly different versions of those singles spread across various versions of her debut album.
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  19. This was my fear!
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