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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by absintheboy, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. You would be best to get the recent 2CD reissue of Dame Cathy's debut, it has the album versions but also all the correct 7" versions of the singles. I remember being shocked (DNA Mix) at how bad the original version of Touch Me (All Night Long) was on my original CD!
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  2. That 2CD re-release doesn’t have the short version of Touch Me (All Night Long) that has the chorus that goes “Touch me aw-aw-awaw-all night long” which was track 2 on my original purchase though.

    So confused.
  3. I thought it only did that in the 12" mix?

    So easy to be confusing indeed!
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  4. My original CD definitely had that vocal effect on every chorus. I was shocked (DNA...) when it didn’t do that on the re-release!

    How many goddam versions are there?
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  5. That is the best bit! Now I need that version too.
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  6. My version is definitely the 'aw-aw-awaw' version in at exactly 4 minutes.
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  8. Apparently the version I had in the 90s has a 1991 release year on the back, and shows ‘Tracks 1 & 2 co-production & mix by Shep Pettibone for Mastermix Productions’

    : \
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  9. I was listening to Je Ne Sais Pas on my drive home (the video version obviously)

    So ee-zee to be confusing

    always makes me think of popjustice now!

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  10. I was gutted that I couldn't find the gif of this iconic moment in pop history the other day! It would certainly come in handy round these parts.
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  11. I hadn't noticed the 7" Mix on the reissue didn't have the aw-aw-aw bit that the 1991 album version has.

    I think I prefer it without to be honest.
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  12. At least three major versions....1990 EU, 1990 US and 1991 UK. I hadn't considered the 2CD reissue at all, but looking at the (incomplete) tracklisting there's quite a lot on there for 9.99. And let's face it, the price hasn't changed since release so it's unlikely to come down.
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  13. Cathy was always so awkward in interviews. She looks petrified talking to Oprah at 5:10.
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  14. It's a great little set with the long lost D-Mob track That's The Way Of The World included, always loved that one. It's worth the price of admission for all the 12" remixes alone!
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  15. I had to buy the D-Mob album for that one (and I also found it on a CD-single for £1).
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  16. I think the biggest drawn for me….actually let's face it I was always going to buy it even if I already had everything elsewhere….but I don't think I had the original All Night Long (Touch Me) before? It's nice to have. It's not a patch on the final mix though. I'm assuming the final mix was the one that was the hit in US?
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  17. Just checking my iTunes and if I add the new mixes from the US version, I have FOUR different Just Another Dreams alone!


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  18. Where's that so easy to be confusing gif?!
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  19. I still can't believe the Touch This remix of Touch Me hasn't been released on CD, or the original 12" of JAD.

    When Shep remixed the singles, he did various short mixes, like Pop Mix, Radio Mix and Hot Mix. Variations of the three ended up on albums but the US promos are the only source for all of them.
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