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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by absintheboy, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. 3.44
    3.54 - 7" mix on CD single?
    4.06 - original EU/US 1990 album version
    4.26 - 1991 UK version with looped intro

    Where is the first mix from? 3:44 is the original 1989 Danny D 7" edit?
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  2. I have it tagged as "Original Single Version" but my tagging is wholly unreliable!
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  3. 3.54 is down as being from "Smash Hits 1991"
    4.06 - yep 1990 album version
    4.26 - yep the first one I ever owned, on the 1991 UK CD.
  4. That Oprah clip really is so awkward, which is fascinating because her performances are perfect in the very same video! It led me to click the Rick Dees (whoever that is) interview and OH MY GOD this exposé on Milli Vanilli!!!! She must have been chuffed to see their smoke and mirrors catch up with them**.

    **No disrespect intended regarding the tragic suicide.
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  5. These are the mix lengths I have for all my Just Another Dreams on iTunes:

    3:44 Danny D 7" Edit
    3:58 7" Mix
    4:04 7" Mix (presumably same as the original album version)
    4:21 Dub
    4:27 Extended Edit
    4:28 Hot Mix (presumably same as the UK 1991 album version)
    5:47 Alternative Bass Dub
    6:12 Extended
    6:26 1990 Paul Simpson Remix
    6:33 12" Mix / Club Mix
    7:32 Bass Mix
    9:21 Funky Love Mix
    10:19 Just Another Pop Mix

    The last three are unofficial and a bit too tinny I might have to delete them.
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  6. The Danny D 7" would be more reasonably known as the original single version yes. The 1989 one where she's in a fairground in the video and has additional lyrics.

    I was slightly obsessed with this the very first time I saw it on the Move To This VHS.
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  7. This is probably my 3.54 from Smash Hits 1991, as that CD has a number of brutal fades.
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  8. They should issue this on CD and call it Just Another Mix.
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  9. Yes I almost mentioned the Milli Vanilli interview AND yes I also thought her live performance on Oprah was the best vocal I've seen from her.
  10. How can I Like this post, like, a million times?
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  11. Absolutely NO IDEA this version existed. This whole thread is blowing my mind right now.
  12. and now I'm watching the original Cathy Dennis!

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  13. I've still got my copy!
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  14. Here's a better version

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  15. I've not seen that video for Just Another Dream for years. I wore my Move To This VHS out. So gutted about that.

    It's so strange to watch Cathy proper going for it on those performances (and absolutely killing it, she absolutely smashed it and bloody hell doesn't she look good?!) and see her talk to Oprah. It's like two completely different people.
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  16. It's not the correct UK single mix of Everybody Move either, That is only available on the Mid-price Best Of Cathy Dennis CD.
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  17. I love the extra verse. My fave version of this song.
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  18. The Irresistible Cathy Dennis? (never was there a more appropriate title, hehe). Yes, my Everybody Moves 7" mix in iTunes comes from that.
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  19. Yes that's the one. She is beautiful. I loved the signed photo you got when you joined her fan club. I still have it somewhere...
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