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Cathy Dennis

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by absintheboy, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Love's A Cradle was going to be part of that unreleased album or was recorded later?

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  3. Is Cathy’s demo of “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” out there somewhere online?
  4. LA Ex would have been an iconic addition to In the Zone. Britney would have imbued it with personality the way only she can. That said, Rachel’s icy, aloof delivery perfectly captures the sense of detached disinterest the lyrics describe. Ultimately I think it landed where it was supposed to.
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  5. Same. I can't imagine anyone else singing Can't Get You Out of My Head either. LA Ex just works for Rachel.
    Is this meaning anything ? Who knows...
    They manage Will Young, Shakespear's Sister, Jessie Ware, Goldfrapp and Steps, too.
    If you click on the Artist link, it goes to, tho'!
    I don't like the deluxe edition of WY new GH.
    Shakespear's Sister reissues are quite good
    Jessie Ware... I could only dream a collaboration with Cathy !
    Goldfrapp... see Jessie!
    Steps... I don't know, never been a fan, but I must admit their current profile is quite high
  7. I think that page has been up there for quite a while now. Wish she'd release some more solo music.
  8. They manage Cathy Dennis at least since 2019.
    Re "Artist Website", there are actually 2 links if you look at carefully. The first one goes to bananarama's website, the second one goes to . I think that's just a mistake.
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  9. Yeah, pretty sure she's been with them for a while.

  10. Which remix is this?
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  11. It's the Touch This Mix, which may be my favourite. It's not on her Artist Spotify but is on there via some compilations.
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  12. Does anyone know the official name for this specific mix of Touch Me, which is kind of like the 7” mix, but has extra production bits (eg the a-a-a-all night stuttering effect)?
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  13. I'm not sure if it's correct but possibly "Hot Mix"?
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  14. This was the mix on my CD from the nineties, which I played inside out. I was quite surprised to hear a different version on the deluxe edition a few years ago!
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  16. I think that’s the American 7” mix? The one played on radio etc
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