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Cats (Musical adaptation/horror movie)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Stuart, Jul 19, 2019.

  1. I’ve been told that Andrew Lloyd Webber has Abbey Road booked all week this week and next because the score still isn’t finalised?!

    What is happening with this film? And if they still haven’t finished recording the score then what on Earth did they show at the awards screening over the weekend? I know the London World Premiere has been postponed too as the film is nowhere near finished and it’s looking like it won’t be for another week at least.
  2. Everything about this film being a catastrophic disaster feels correct.
  3. I hate this film already.
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  4. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    After the announcement and the trailers...

  5. I think it's worth remembering that there's an older audience out there who saw the stage show in its 80s/90s heyday, a lot of whom won't know (and probably wouldn't care) about the trailers getting dragged to hell on Twitter etc.

    Which is to say that, while this film could indeed flop as hard as everyone is hoping for, it's by no means certain.
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  6. I have a morbid curiosity and think I might have to see it at the cinema. The plus being that I'll probably have a whole screen to myself...bliss.

    I wonder when the review embargos expire. I'm so intrigued by what the critics say.
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  7. The rumor floating around is that Weber and Universal wanted Memory re-done. Weber had concerns it was too show-y and that the emotion was getting lost in all of the flair so Hudson re-recorded it at the end of October and Hudson and Dench reshot the entire sequence in the last few weeks.

    HFPA did screen but it was a private screening so nothing about buzz or info has leaked out.
  8. Won’t be screening for critics until the 18th aka the night before it opens.
  9. Messy cat
    Messy cat
    Into what are they editing you?
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  10. Oh dear
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  11. This will be a glorious mess and I can't wait.
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  12. Kind of devastated we won't get Memory in all of its foghorn inappropriateness.
  13. Traditionally the Star Wars films are only screened for critics the night before opening too. It also opens on 18th.

    Are they hoping all the critics go to the Star Wars screening instead to avoid a wide panning?
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  14. nn the clip they showed on Graham Norton looked awful. The animation made it look like some people's faces suddenly disconnected from their heads. My parents can't see the problem with it somehow.
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  15. I’ve seen loads of people be really excited for it. But this is the same public that voted for Brexit and a Tory majority.
  16. Star Wars screens for critics on Tuesday in LA (one of the podcasters I listen to works for The Wrap and gets to see it Tuesday) so I'm assuming the same goes for NYC, Austin and Chicago.. The world premiere is Monday in LA.

    Box office tracking has fallen below 200M in the last few weeks so I am wondering if they want reviews out Wednesday to hope people flock to it en masse? There's a lot of non-sold out shows for Thursday night near me locally.
  17. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    It's going to be a mess, and it's going to be huge. I've already seen posters for themed "dress up" nights in local cinemas...
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  18. Horror movie... Dead.
  19. Honestly, Nicole Scherzinger should be doing it.
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