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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Dennis, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. Welcome to CDjustice. Maybe this will take off, maybe it won't, but with the resurgence in record collecting thought we could use a place to:

    Discuss new releases/pre-orders/dem limited editions
    Complain about prices
    Show off collections
  2. The best format!

    (Despite the efforts of the industry to cock it up).

    Latest new purchase(s): Point by Yello, The Singles + DVD, Yello
    Latest used purchases: No Sense Of Sin, The Lotus Eaters (2010 Reissue), Too Low For Zero, Elton John (80s USA Geffen)
    Boxset(s) pre-ordered: Sign On The Times 8CD/DVD, The Seeds Of Love 4CD/Blu-Ray
  3. Excellent idea. CD is still my preferred format, although I also buy vinyl from my favorite artists (along with CD´s, of course).

    I would love to hear about people´s collections and see photos. As a huge music collector myself I am always interested in seeing what other people have from their favorite artists.
  4. I've been collecting (almost) 34 years (will be next month!), and I have long since had too many to know what to do with (even allowing for regular clear-outs to charity).
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  5. I love cds but have stopped buying this year due to storage issues and them potentially becoming an eye sore. So it’s digital purchases and paid streams for me these days. I will buy some box sets on cd and releases by acts I consider my absolute faves tho.
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  6. Love cds. My collection’s still growing, and what’s below isn’t everything...

  7. CDs are the best format but it’s beginning to feel like only Legacy acts are putting out material that is worthwhile on CD. I feel like eventually the CD edition came to be the standard version, with the digital or Vinyl editions coming with bells and whistles.
  8. This photo's quite old now, but I still have these CD shelves...two IKEA units from 2003....I keep the majority of my jewel-case collection in them now...from 1982 up to 1990....I've left the image full resolution so you can zoom in and see a few spines...the three copies of Hats all together, next to Results....and so on.

    Wish I'd bought another, as they stopped doing them years ago and I've never found a satisfactory alternative. My boxsets, digipaks etc are all spread around. And I also keep my "all time favourite" CDs together on a bookcase these days, as they're the ones I go to most often.

  9. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I've recently Konmari-d my CD collection (for a second time) and though I like having one less rack on my wall (actually seeing my walls again.. it's in my living room since I have only one bedroom and there's no space there) I still feel torn and 'am I doing this for me or because other people make me feel I don't need all those CDs?'.

    Right now I have about 800 albums in my room and they're the proper essentials/ones that truly make me happy when I see them. There were once over 2000 albums and though I think I went a bit over board with collecting (getting pretty much any second hand CD of artists I vaguely liked or remembered) I feel like I'm still searching for the right balance.. With other items it's a lot clearer (Do I intend to ever wear this/use this again?) but the question 'do I ever want to listen to this CD again' feels a bit silly when I don't actually play CDs ever. They're all ripped, sometimes I put on Spotify, so with things like a Moby/Fatboy Slim/R.E.M./Paula Abdul greatest hits 'because they had many hits and it's nice to have them somewhere' or like all Whitney/Mariah albums even thought I'd struggle to name you an album track from like half of those... it does feel very 'do I really want these on my shelf next to 800 albums I truly love and know inside out?'. With my current standards I probably would not buy them again,but getting rid of them once you own them is a whole different story (even if I paid at average like 1 pound for most of them)
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  10. Even if just a single track/mix/edit/cover art/associated memory sparks joy, then it deserves its place on the shelf. I’ve sold/given too many cds away and had to buy them again years later - I never want to make that mistake again.
  11. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Yeah but lacking space in my room (because there's a lot of angles/windows/doors and very little wallspace) doesn't spark immense joy either..Also I pick a few CDs each morning to put on 4 empty shelves front/artwork forward and right now they're all ones I love. Before I went 'ugh' for like 5 times before I got to an album I actually liked. So I think I'm getting it almost right but might have been a bit too harsh. There's an awful amount where I liked the idea of owning it (because I basically wanted to own the complete pop history) more than I actually liked the albums.
    Thusfar nothing's gone though, it's all in boxes in my basement. Though there's days where I imagine it being flooded or stolen would actually be a relieve compared to endless doubts and 'how am I ever going to sell these without it taking years?'
  12. I live in fear that when I die, my other half will give away the valuable cds for a song...
  13. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Occasional stuff like imports and my Girls Aloud box set aside I don't think I own really valuable CDs.
    Going by Discogs the most expensive ones are the likes of dutch releases because they're rare to other countries.. but at the same time those are the exact albums in every thrift store here.
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  14. Ooh you should make a point of listening to them. If you have a separate set-up from whatever your computer is plugged into it's quite nice to flip between. I listen to playlists through my iTunes on my computer's subwoofer and speakers when I'm sat at my desk in my bedroom, but if I'm sat in the lounge I'll take a CD off the shelf and put it on the hi-fi and let it run through whilst reading a book/texting/lounging.

    I deliberately don't have everything ripped. Just singles and favourite album tracks, but if I'm in the mood for a certain artist's album or maxi-single it's nice to get the CD out and I find I won't be so tempted to skip through. Sometimes I discover something I've previously missed or forgotten about. It might be daft but it's somehow more satisfying. And it's my way of justifying keeping my collection and continuing to add to it. There's no point the CDs just sitting there never getting played.
  15. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

  16. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I have a very short attention span so I kinda always have my iTunes (and some extremely complicated smart playlists) on shuffle but I have just started relistening all my albums (as well as ones I consider getting and ones I wanted to get rid of but have second guesses about) one by one. Still playing on my notebook though, but the music is the music.. Wish I had more rest to just sit down and listen to a full album though.
    I really could do with some activities that are fun to do while listening to music.. As it is in Itunes I'm organizing/rating/tagging songs all the time so having things on shuffle is always work in progress. When I put on a full album I'm also kinda like 'and now what, what do I do?'
  17. I think I've got about 3,000 CDs. Probably 2,000+ are singles though.

    My A-N


    N-# and compilations.. shame about the light-switch in the middle!


    And I've just had to move my Nows on to my book & DVD shelf for now.. at least they all fit in nicely.


    I am now totally out of space though which has actually made me slow down buying! There's just room for the upcomng Ava Max and Maria Mena albums! I can probably squeeze another IKEA Gnedby rack in but seeing it mostly empty is just going to make me want to fill it up... what to do! #CDcollectorproblems
  18. Yes I know what you mean, but it's good to get away from the screen sometimes. Just to sit/lay and listen for 45 minutes a day is quite nice thing to do. Or read a book / skim through music reference books / old magazines!
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