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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Dennis, Sep 16, 2020.

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  2. I randomly saw that Pretty Girls by Britney and Iggy is going for 15-18 Pounds on eBay. Which isn't crazy. It's just 20 Pounds more than it deserves. I have all her singles who knows maybe they will be worth something after all.
  3. The singles from her later albums (starting with Blackout and getting more expensive with each album) are starting to gain value. I finally completed my CD maxis from the Blackout and Circus this year, but I can’t find the “3” single for sale for the life of me. I’m glad I bought the Femme Fatale singles at the time, because those are being listed for a lot now.
  4. I'm seeing some at Discogs for not too much. Well depending on what you'd consider a fair deal. I have it. Where are you from? I don't need my collection anymore, so maybe we figure out something if postage isn't too crazy.
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  5. I'm in the US, and currently the cheapest on Discogs is $40 with shipping (three of them are ones that don't ship to the US). Usually it's the international shipping that gets me.
  6. I see. Without Corona it would not be too much but I understand why people are not willing to send stuff to the US. They cut the cheap options in Germany for now and I think 40 wouldn't even cover it at the moment. Well one day you'll get it somewhere I am sure.
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  7. So is demand for CD singles increasing now? I have tonnes from 1994-2010 I’ve never been able part ways with. I bought quite a few Gaga singles from the Fame / Fame Monster era and regret not getting the rest of them.
    I’m also glad I kept collecting Madonna CD singles even though I’d decided to stop collecting them in general.
    Used to love walking the singles chart section in HMV and buying the new releases each week. I was kind of sad when they got rid of this and demoted the singles to the end of the Rock & Pop albums section, then getting rid of it all together.
  8. I used to buy way too many CD singles. And never kept most of them.
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  9. Browsing through the latest cd singles at HMV Oxford Street was a weekly highlight. Sadly, it’s an experience that can no longer be repeated.
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  10. When our charity shops reopened I found some CD singles and maxi singles (still sealed) and it actually made me sad, remember how much fun it was to go buy CD singles on a weekly basis as @IEngineered said.

    I found a sealed Madonna Don't Tell Me maxi single with all the mixes and it was so lovely to see. Also, the Whitney Houston Heartbreak Hotel/It's Not Right But It's Okay single.
  11. Deluxe CDs replaced a lot of my CD singles but I still have a couple of boxes of stuff that either hasn't been deluxed yet or isn't on spotify.
    I can't believe that I used to pay around AU$18 for a CD single back in the 90s and most albums had 4 or 5 CD singles and some of those 2 or 3 parts to collect!
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  12. Somebody needs to create a virtual reality record shop that recreates the chart wall.
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  13. If you search long enough you can find the occasional wonderful record shop chart wall - a historic snapshot from a specific week! I can't find any 90s ones with CD singles though.



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  14. These might have to do. :-D


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  15. I remember this in my local Our Price in August 1995.
  16. A photo inside HMV Newcastle before it moved to a bigger one, some band on the wall called The Beatles (never heard of them) and some bloke called Gary Numan getting in the way and some weirdo sat next to him :)

    I've just been rifling through to see if I could find my Adam Ant in Our Price ones, as I've got photos of him stood in front of the album charts in 1995 but can't find it anywhere

    nn.jpg nu.jpg
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  17. Amazon is selling the Coldplay single, too. It’s not exclusive to their store
  18. I really miss records shops in the high streets around Europe.

    There's any chance to get them back now the vinyl is doing very good sales again?
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  19. I remember when I would visit London and New York City and there would be record shops seemingly at every corner. New York City is really sad now, hardly that many shops (or at leas there wasn't last time I was there). When Virgin Records closed in NYC, it was so sad. I miss shopping at midnight for CDs!

    A local store here in Toronto, Soundscapes, is sadly closing. They were able to last for some time but the pandemic has hit them hard. We still have a few shops in Toronto so it's not horrible but I always hate to see a local shop close.
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