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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Dennis, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. Can but hope. Just annoyed at myself that I missed it twice!
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  2. I should have kept both my spares.
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  3. I opened mine carefully and have it in my wardrobe upstairs
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  4. I decided to keep mine in that "O" box. It should just tear along the perforated line neatly enough. The boxset is too heavy for me to do anything it stays on the floor in its packaging...with the discs in specially designed amaray cases so I can get them down off the shelf anytime.
  5. Thought you guys would appreciate my new "overflow" shelf. No more stuffing CDs in cardboard boxes (at least for now)! Super pleased it fits most of my oversized sets.

  6. I’ve done exactly the same, I was careful to tear only where the tear strip is and put it in my wardrobe, every time I’ve seen this box set in store the box has been removed.
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  7. much better than my over flow 'pile' that is now spilling onto my desk and will take about an hour of sorting and then squeezing into the main A-Z collection
  8. The CD itself says 22021 but the back of the cardboard slipcase says 2021.
  9. I have two overflow piles that just won’t stop growing. I must agree that an overflow shelf is the way to go. Probably the only way...
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  10. Loving the Jonis all in chronological order on the top-left shelf. I can see a few boxsets I recognise!
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  11. Regarding the comeback of the cdsingle, I was looking at Amazon IT: the Coldplay 1-track single with the typo is still there, the price is quite different since last week: today it's 12,50€, it means a 1-track cdsingle is 10,73£ !
  12. I was never able to keep those Jonis together until now, the albums box and Travelogue didn't fit on my other shelf. (Do you want to see that one too??)
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  13. Wait! What’s that Björk big box?

    I only have the pink box of 3” CDs.
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  15. I received the Very by Pet Shop Boys today, with the lego case design. It's gorgeous!
  16. Where did you pick that up? Discogs?
  17. Yes, discogs. It's art!
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  18. If you haven't noticed already, there is some *hidden* artwork - just be careful when looking for it!
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  19. I've looked hard and can't find it!
  20. Look under everything. But just be careful!
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