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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Dennis, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. I often just give up! Older ones are indeed a lot less hassle. Probably something to do with the interaction of cheaper plastic for the case, and different paper materials for the booklets, compared to the old days.
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  2. I can't believe we're not getting the new Lorde album on CD, but Ed Sheeran's new track is getting a one song CD single release.
  3. Yeah to be "environmentally friendly". Yet she's still releasing it on vinyl. Idiot.
  4. Someone defending the decision:

    "Vinyls have a practically infinite shelf life. I buy old vinyls from the 50s, 60s and they still work great. CDs wear out in 10 years with regular use, even if you are careful not to scratch them."

    And apparently

    "CDs have shorter lives, that's a known fact."
  5. ....And the world is flat. IT'S ALL SCIENCE FACT.
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  6. I have CD's from childhood (1999) I have played hundreds of times and they have not worn out, what an idiot.
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  7. Wow, this level of stupidity is.......remarkable.

    Still, anyone who refers to "vinyls" is not exactly going to know what they're talking about.
  8. Amazingly, I found a mint condition Sony SACD player in a thrift shop - with remote control just as I read Lorde's statement.

    Same. I've been very lucky with little disc rot. Carly Simon's Coming Around Again was one of the first CDs I bought in the early '90s and it still plays and sounds great.
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  9. Out of thousands of CDs that have passed through my life since 1986, I can count the number which have failed (not including crap sent to me by Music Magpie etc) on two hands.
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  10. I feel like CDs are being bullied. When they first came out, there was so much respect for them and I remember people liking them. Now it's like "They suck!" or I see on Facebook those questions "Which one of these do you have? a) CDs b) DVDs" and so on, suggesting that if you DO have them, you're old-fashioned or outdated.

    I'm not a "Vinyl is better than CD" or "CD is better than Vinyl" person. If you love music in physical format, I highly respect you. I just hate this rather condescending way of treating people who like and collect CDs. I still have a CD walkman and proudly use it.
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  11. Vinyl snobbery is just… baseless. Crucially, it can’t/won’t save one from having bad/no taste.
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  12. I don't bother with them much now, but I think CDs will come back one of these days, just like cassettes did.

    The cheap used vinyl I buy will never be audiophile quality so it's not the sound quality I'm into. I just love the 12x12 artwork with vinyl...
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  13. As someone with CDs from the dawn of their creation (ie the 80’s) that are still perfectly playable, yet has massively overplayed 7” singles where it sounds like the grooves are nearly through to the other side this kind of nonsense just grates.

    As with most things, look after something and it’ll last, use it as a coaster and naturally it won’t. I remember when vinyl was so ‘prized’ it was being melted into ashtray shapes or attached as a clock face!
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  14. Quite. And tbh all formats have their place and I’m glad of them. Mp3 and cassettes are wonderful for their portability, CDs for their capacity and convenience, vinyl for the artwork appreciation (and sound if you really believe it).

    the music on them is what matters and I wish people would realise that.
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  15. That person is lying. If CDs don't "last" it is because people don't take care of them. I remember being in people's cars as a kid and seeing loose CDs in car seats, on the floor, etc. Obviously not everybody treated their CDs that poorly, but a lot of people did. But making sure you keep a CD in its case doesn't compare to the effort of having to properly store and protect a record collection. I work at a store that sells second hand media and at least in my experience, seeing boxes of both formats daily, it seems that there are so many more trashed records out there than there are discs. And then there's the mold. (again: comes from people not storing things properly over the years).

    I have vague memories of a vinyl YouTuber I used to follow saying “Technically, every time you play a record, you're slowly ruining it." And the guy wasn't just talking about cheap turntables, but was telling people that if you spin any of your records too much, they'll eventually get messed up, no matter your set up (just that cheaper degrades them faster). I don't even know if what he said was true or not, but I thought it was an interesting comment when your whole schtick is trying to sell people on the format.
  16. I have, and use, all formats. CD remains my preferred choice.
  17. I still use CDs for all my music, and if there isn't a CD format I don't buy the album. I like to physically see and display everything I own.

    Also anyone whose CDs don't last just isn't looking after them. I have CDs from the 80s that were originally my dad's and they still work perfectly fine because I've looked after them.
  18. CD question:
    Does anyone have any experience with ordering custom CDs? Do you have any recommendations?

    More specifically (and less likely), are there any places that do custom CDs that print artwork specifically for J-Card cases (i.e. CD single cases)?
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  19. I’ve never been a huge Lorde fan, but I’ve always liked the idea of someone a little left of centre from NZ capturing a prominent place in the pop world. However, her pronouncement basically means that her music will no longer reach me, digitally or in physical form. Nothing personal here, just a matter of principle.
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