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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Dennis, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. I do believe that CDs will make a comeback at some point. Could be a decade or two from now when we’re all relying on crutches. But sound quality does matter. As do edits and mixes that simply do not exist on streaming platforms.
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  2. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I don't buy vinyl very often and when I do it's for the novelty value of the big artwork.
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  3. I buy vinyl only when:
    - relevant mixes I’m after aren’t available on cd
    - I love the album and can listen to it in its entirety without skipping tracks
    - I’m suckered by my favourite artists (which happens a lot)
    - when the album art is iconic, or simply beautiful, like this:
  4. I love collecting Madonna's singles, especially the Japanese EPs. Pet Shop Boys too, obviously, they still deliver great looking products packed with great stuff and the obligatory B-sides. CDs rule! I do think my attitude is skewed by the fact they're both cheaper and less spacey than vinyl, which I believe most people don't even play these days? It's just a colorful piece of plastic to fetishize.
  5. What we need are 12" CD jewel cases!
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  6. Talking of lovely CD releases I found this ‘lenticular’ version in almost mint condition in Notting Hill today for £19 which is a bargain. ROL and Music both sound BRILLIANT on CD, no vinyl can beat that sound on a half decent system.

  7. Or streaming services.
  8. I can stream a film (saying that if I love it I have to have the DVD or Blu-ray) but streaming music for me will always feel like buying a tester pot of paint or something, it’s just an ugly patch on the wall and it looks unsightly until all the walls are covered and properly done.

    (I know I’m a wasted talent, I should’ve been a poet or some kind of wordsmith!)
  9. You should've been a poet, but at least you know it.
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  10. This is beautiful edition and not seen too often. Great price!
  11. You do know you can buy a USB plug in CD burner/player for laptops with no CD drive built in for fairly cheap.
  12. But don't most vinyl collectors not even play the records? I can't blame them, really. ddd

    Granted, I don't play CD's I buy these days after ripping them to .wav, but you don't even get the ripping option with vinyl. Well, I know you can, but why would you bother?
  13. Yes. I put on a Eurovision CD the other day and noticed the sound was so much better. I hadn't fully realised until then.
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  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Well guess what.
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  15. *posts reply that you approve of*
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  16. It's about 50% I think.
  17. This is one of the reasons why I always prefer CD´s.

    I own a lot of vinyl (old and new) but I rarely play it. I only buy new vinyl releases from my favorite artists and I always buy the CD as well. Usually I just play the CD, some of the vinyl remains sealed.

    I probably play 12" and 7" singles the most - songs, edits and mixes I don´t have on CD.
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  18. Hope you don’t mind me asking, but do you post on Steve Hoffman Forums? You seem familiar!
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  19. Sure thing. No, I have actually never posted there.
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  20. Don't post on SHF, you'll end up paying for it the rest of your life in early CD pressings!
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