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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Dennis, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. Hope you don’t mind me asking, but do you post on Steve Hoffman Forums? You seem familiar!

    I remember suggesting SHF to you a few years ago and you said you couldn’t fit it in with all your other online endeavours.

    Well you’ve certainly made time now!
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  2. Yes, and look at the number of posts on my blog lately....
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  3. While I’m here, I’ll add that I’ve been buying CDs since 1985. After years of vinyl and cassette woes, I was happy to latch onto the new medium. CDs took no selling to me. I still have a turntable as part of my system. It’s not a particularly good one, but I very rarely play records anyway, so it does its job adequately.

    I was in HMV a couple of weeks ago and had a browse in the vinyl (crates) section. It’s still very beautiful to look at and if I weren’t a once bitten twice shy man, it’d be easy to get into records again. It does seem like you get more for your money. Given that vinyl is absurdly expensive now. However, one glance at the threads on the aforementioned SHF is enough to put me off for life. Badly pressed records that are scratched, warped and even have off centre spindle holes are still very much the norm.

    I will say that if you have a great set-up and are lucky enough to get a decent pressing, vinyl can sound wonderful. Much warmer than even the best CDs and easier on the ear too. But still, the problems I’ve just mentioned plus the general wear and tear of the format very much puts me off vinyl indefinitely.
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  4. Vinyl is great for the artwork, but overall I prefer CDs as well. I love when CDs have special details, alternative artwork or bonus tracks. Japanese editions in particular, has lots of these cool extras.

    I stream music and listen to playlists daily on the go, at the gym etc. But it feels really special to find a CD in the shelf, look through the booklet and enjoy the album and tracklist the way it was "meant" to be. It makes me pay more attention to the music and is another type of experience really. I also have memories attached to buying most of these CDs, which is something I appreciate and makes it special.
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  5. For me, the golden era of cds was ushered in by Janet's Rhythm nation album. It was created as a suite that only a CD could contain. Vinyl and cassette split the experience.
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  6. Speaking of which...

  7. There was definitely a time when the duration of a CD was utilised in the late 80s / early 90s, to the point where the vinyl version would have songs excluded from it because there just wasn’t room for all songs on a single LP, and labels didn’t want to pay for a 2LP, like The Cure - Disintegration, such a long (and magnificent) album, they removed a couple of tracks and it was still too long for a vinyl, as someone who has been lucky to own the original vinyl, it was so quiet, the pops and cracks were so obvious because of this.
    Thank goodness it got a proper 2LP release in 2010, remastered, with all the tracks.
    But yes, an album like Rhythm Nation, which is quite seamless because of the interludes mixed at the beginning and end of songs is definitely a CD design, last years 2LP vinyl reissue literally finishes a side at a hard cut because the song or interlude is supposed to bleed into the next track.
  8. I see Disintegration as a 10 track album with Homesick and Untitled as bonus tracks. I always programme my CD player to omit them. I also own the picture disc LP.
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  9. But... Untitled is one of the best songs on the album?
    It was Last Dance and Homesick that were omitted. I can live without Last Dance, I’ve only recently come around to it.
  10. One thing I've noticed since the resurgence of Vinyl is shorter albums.
    I am so grateful for this because for me 8-11 tracks (35-50 mins) is the longest an album should be.
    Leave the filler for deluxe editions.
  11. You hear the term 'warmer' used in relation to the supposed superior sound of vinyl, and I get that bass can sound better - possibly - on vinyl when played through a big loud speaker on a dancefloor (or whatever), when compared to early, tinny-sounding CD pressings. But you also get pop, crackle and static. Ugh. No thanks.
  12. This is why I gave up on vinyl. And I was ten years old! Funny we're talking about Janet Jackson because Control was the last album I bought in the '80s. Loved the album, but was always afraid it would skip like so many other albums I owned. Moved onto cassette, then CD.

    In the '00s, around 2004, I got back into vinyl, mostly 12"-ers. I did enjoy it for awhile. It was quite funny when I bought a record player because this was pre-revival. The salesman looked at me as if I lost my mind.

    But CDs is the way for me, even if I still buy the occasional vinyl.

    There have been many lovely limited edition CDs over the years (ie. Madonna's Ray of Light, Music and GHV2), and many terrific box sets.
  13. Disintegration was just too much of a slog for me. I used to have to cut a couple of tracks (maybe more) when I listened to it. Which is strange, because Kiss Me... is of course a longer CD, but with more songs I could split it in half for 2 separate listens and none of the songs outstay their welcome.
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  14. @AshtrayHeart Sorry - yes, Last Dance not Untitled. Typo.
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  15. What is everyone's favourite CD releases so far in 2020?

    I really enjoy Troye Sivan's EP In a Dream which includes six art cards (one of them is signed), A4 poster, sticker and a slipcase. The art cards are really nice and they fit perfectly if you want to change up the artwork.

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  16. Possibly the M People boxset. Just a lovely design.


    The gatefolds are a nice touch, and the sleeves are sturdy and smooth, so don't ruin the discs. Looks great on a shelf.
  17. The Ace of Base boxset this year was a collector’s dream. Plenty of great albums have been released this year, but that’s the one release I’ve loved this year that wasn’t just a standard album release. Plus you got so much more content than the companion vinyl box set, and it was cheaper.
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  18. I bought this one as well and I love it! Lots of bonus material and the box itself looks great on the shelf.
  19. Yes AoB and M People for me too.

    I was also pleased to see KEiiNO put out a CD which is quite nicely packaged

    And Ava Max.. the cover is just OK but it's the best booklet I've seen for a while.. I like them when they've not only got all the lyrics but also lots of pretty photos.
  20. I should add that the 4 discs in the M People set that I've listened to thus far have also sounded excellent. It's not just an ornament!
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