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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Dennis, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. I bought mine on ebay. Some are better than others if you want the best the Japanese brand Nagaoka are top quality.
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  2. A bit of a morbid question, and I don't know where's the best place to ask this, but has anyone thought about what would happen to their music collection after they die? With books, your executors or beneficiaries could always give them to a library, as I assume there will always be a demand for physical books.

    However, in 30-40 years time - who else would want CDs/vinyl/cassettes etc? I doubt they'd be able to sell them or give them away as the next few generations won't be interested in collecting physical products in general. Obviously with rare stuff there will always be a market, but I doubt my future grandnephews/nieces will be interested in inheriting my UK CD1 single of Kerri Ann's 1998 flop "Do You Love Me Boy"... (even if it does have an awesome Almighty mix!)
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  3. I've thought about it...and there's a whole thread on the subject over on another music forum I'll just have to be what it is. If I get a warning, and the place still exists, I'll offer them to the small used store I've frequented for the past 20 years.
  4. An absolute classic and glad to have it in my collection!!

    In all seriousness, yes, I have thought about it but by then it won't be my problem to worry about it.
  5. My wife and children will get my collection. My son has started buying records so has the interest. My daughters are also music fans but are tending towards streaming at moment.
  6. If I were you, I would assess my vinyl collection. There's obviously still a lot of interest in vinyl. So look at what you have. Are they rare? Any limited editions? Anything never opened? Any Record Store Day exclusives? I hate looking up stuff on eBay or Amazon to see what the going rate is (because I know the value to me, not in terms of money), but in matters like this, I would make the exception. I know it's not easy since most of us don't like thinking about stuff like this, but it is something that should be done since we all should have some backup plan in case.

    Same with your CDs. You never know, you may have a number of exclusives or rarities that people might want.

    I have a feeling the person who is my executor would probably just donate it all or throw it out. I should have a chat...
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  7. My niece will get some of my collection - we had that discussion. I must make a list of the remaining items that are more valuable. Those should be sold off on eBay. The rest should go to a charity shop. Maybe RSPCA. I’ve thought about it seriously.
  8. I’ve spent decades training my brother to understand the wondrousness of the obscure cd b-side or remix so it’s all headed his way… he’ll probably want chunks of it but I don’t see him wanting everything.

    it’d be nice to identify a few people who’d like specific elements of it - I need to guide my nieces to the benefits of 90’s indie!
  9. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    If anything thinking of this makes me realize how much of my time is dedicated to getting things 'complete' for 'the future' while that future is pretty much now and I should probably start enjoying my collection more in the here and now instead of having 'he was very thorough' on my gravestone because it's not like anyone else will enjoy it a much as I could right now.
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  10. It'll all end up in a skip, I'm sure. Enjoy everything now.
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    Mvnl Staff Member

    I didn't read 'up' for a second and well.. that was terrifying
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  12. I'm envisioning that my home will be frozen in one of those 'this ia how people used to live' ways and visitors come and view it as part of a cultural experience.
  13. If you ignored my iPhone connected in it, my hifi room already is a flashback to late 90s!
  14. Thanks for all the responses. I guess I should ensure the really valuable stuff are highlighted in some way, but it's kinda sad knowing that most of my lovingly curated collection will someday probably end up in the dumpster, so yeah we should enjoy our collections now!

    My ultimate dream would be to create a museum or library of some sort. I'm sure in the year 2122 someone will want to visit an exhibition of Sinitta's complete discography!
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  15. To be fair, even if no one has anything to play them on in 100 years, a music collection of any format should always be of interest to someone interested in *historic* popular music - even if only for the artwork, the booklets etc. I'm still sad that my dad sold his 8-track cartridges and player, and the shellac 78s from my grandparents' era. I wouldn't know what to do with them, but they'd be nice to look through now I'm older and a bit wiser!

    I don't mind my CD and record collection being broken up, or sold as a job lot at whatever the going rate would be, and the money probably going to my brother's children.
  16. If you're going to get rid of it, I've always thought it's better that it ends up on the second hand market/eBay/charity shops rather than throwing it in the trash.

    I like to think of the idea that if I get rid of something, someone will give it a new life as I gave it a new life when I acquired it.
  17. I love charity shop cd shopping. Picked up countless gems over the years. The thrill of chancing upon something you really want is priceless, all while doing good.


    (These compilations are fantastic.)
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  19. Does anyone know when the embossed Warner Bros. "W" logo began being put on their CD cases? My copy of Chris Rea's Road to Hell is in an inferior flimsy jewel case and I want to replace it with the correct one, but I'm not sure if in 1989 it would have had the logo on the front or not.
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  20. Around 1992.

    My original Road To Hell wouldn't have had it. By 1992, the likes of Tubular Bells II, Erotica, Automatic For The People etc all had them.

    Diamonds & Pearls and Stars didn't, so I guess it didn't happen in 1991. My Little Earthquakes has one (Jan 1992) but I didn't buy it straight away so that confuses the picture!
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