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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Dennis, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. Thanks! I'll keep that in mind for future reference. According to Discogs and all the numbers and matrix and stuff, my copy of The Road to Hell is a 1989 pressing and therefore wouldn't have had the logo.
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  2. The earliest one that I still have in the original case and can say for certain is Jimmy Nail's Growing Up In Public (July 1992).
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  3. I've just checked and my Growing Up In Public has the logo on the case, Simply Red's Stars doesn't (bought around time of release in 1991) - but my three previous Simply Red albums DO have the logo - though they were bought new later, circa 1993. So it all makes sense.
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  4. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Does anyone have any clever construction with seperately bought shelves to put their CDs on? Cause I'm finding that the ones I have (I believe the entire things are called shelves in english as well?) prove to be a challenge to find a good spot for in my house and am considering just buying a bunch of 2-meter-long white shelves and hanging those on my walls at eye height or something like that. As much as I love the ones I currently have, they just don't seem all too practical [​IMG]
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  5. Apparently cds are 40 years old today.
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  6. Looks great to me!
  7. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    well there’s probably one more to come (still got some cd’s in boxes) and they are a bit limiting when it comes to taking up wallspace and towering above all the other furniture.
    I’m also still looking for a balance between keeping all albums I really love but also not getting too overstimulated(?) by everything going on in my room because I’m pretty sensitive when it comes to.. too much going on around me? (Can’t find the English words for it. But my collection is both the most ‘me’ thing in my room that makes my place mine but also it can be a bit.. much?)
  8. I totally get this. In fact, the more I have on display, the less I seem to listen to. It's just always there....hundreds/thousands of albums, memories, ear worms...
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  9. And they were ABBA’s The Visitors. Popjustice.
  10. Nice set up! I have similar (8 racks I think) and I attached a shelf across the top to unify them all into ‘one’ piece of furniture and to keep them securely upright
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  11. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Yeah there's all those memories (actually currently reading a book about hoarding and I recognize a little more than I'd like to), there's 'in case I might lose the audio files', there's just a whole lot of albums I genuinely love.. and (especially digitally) there's more than I'll ever possibly listen to, while some of my absolute favourites get far less exposure than they deserves because they're buried in the piles of cds/files.
    If I had a bigger place with an extra room I'd proudly display all of them (and probably hang on to ones I'm currenly considering discarding.. but then it might get even more out of hand) but as it is.. I'm even looking into closed cupboard-like solutions.. while I kinda like seeing them, but finally being able to see some of my wall again, having moved things around, I do notice I kinda like having some more empty space too?
    (Kinda comparable to how I have far too much music to listen to/catch up on but recently also started noticing I quite appreciate some quiet moments.. but that's even less time for listening to music!??!)

    Bottom line: I should really just get started on my Me Against The Music blog.
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  12. The way I see it, my music collection isn't overtaking the room. It's organised, it gives me pleasure to look at. I'm quite non hoarderish generally so I am not going to get rid just because.
  13. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I won't get rid of the entire thing just because (though last Konmari round I did get rid of an additional 30 or something so I could let go of a full shelf that was 90% empty... but those picks are the reason I now got all of my discarded CDs back in my appartment to go through them once again) but I've had my times of 'collecting for the sake of it' (going to a fair and not wanting to return empty handed and such) where quality control was kinda lost. And there's only so much space. I've got rid of quite a share already though cause in my old place...

    These were my singles.

    And this my albums.
    Considering that was a one-room-place (at least now I have a seperate bedroom) I'm not sure how I was even able to breathe in that room
  14. I'm up to 12 of those Gnedby shelves now, with my compilations on a bookshelf. I am rapidly running out of wallspace but I'm not getting rid of anything. Ever!
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  15. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Are all of your collections in the room where you spend like 95% of your days?
    (I'm currently at a point where I consider putting all of it in my attic to just test if I'll even miss it, but that's mainly cause I just can't figure out a setup I like and I really find my room waaaay too busy right now)
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  16. Mine are in my living room, though I work from my bedroom. Most days I like to grab a couple of albums or comps at random to listen to whilst I work, as an alternative to an iTunes playlist or the radio.

    If I were you, yes have a bit of a cull of everything that's not got any sentimental value, but don't be too brutal. Just because you don't have room for it all right now doesn't mean you never will. Put some of it in a loft or shed, or with a family member if they have room.

    And get a CD player next to your computer and actually listen to the things!
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  17. Yes, and even putting thousands into those wallets isn't massively helping at the moment. I had culls in the 00s and 10s and ended up wishing I hadn't let a lot of them go.
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  18. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Yeah can sorta relate to that part too (apart from the real ‘I couldn’t name you one song that’s on this album’ stinkers).
    My passions and need for rest are not being the best roommates right now
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  19. It's an ongoing process, but if I convert everything but my all-time favourites into the wallets (and any with unique cases or packaging), then I can fit about 165-170 of those into a Really Useful 9XL box, which would otherwise only hold about 25 in their cases. The reality isn't quite proving as space-saving (yet) but I figure that if I keep reducing in this way, then I must end up in a better situation.
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