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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Dennis, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. What a great question. I feel like I’ve been buying music all year round but nothing came to mind. Then I realised I’ve spent much of the year buying used cds off eBay and Discogs to make up for the years I’ve missed as a result of work. Given the fantastic quality of music that has been released recently as well as the reissues that are on the way, I’m sure I’ll be able to answer the question very soon!
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  2. Mine would be the 2 Toyah Box Sets.

    But also thanks for the reminder to buy that M People box set, completely forgot about that one.
    @Eric Generic
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  3. Toyah's "Solo" was another one I thought about.

    Really, the big ones for me are due soon....Sign O The Times and Seeds Of Love. Be interesting to see how those pan out in reality.
  4. Same here. Because of the COVID-19 situation, I didn't buy CDs for a better part of the year. I focused on Blu-Rays since those I could purchase easily.

    I think the only "new" release or reissue I have purchased is the Absolute Beginners 2-CD which is very nice. But I have mostly been waiting for Sign O' The Times. I am on the fence about Seeds of Love. I love the album but I really want the Friday the 13th Blu-Ray box set from Scream which comes out a few days after Seeds of Love and I have to make a choice. I know I'll pay more attention to the Friday the13th set more than Seeds of Love.

    I've also been meaning to get the Bobbie Gentry The Delta Sweete 2-CD reissue although I don't know if it has much more than the box set which was released a few years ago and which is fantastic.
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  5. That Richard & Linda Thompson set is brilliant despite the issues re warped discs not ripping properly.

    Fleetwood Mac 1969-1974 also great.
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  6. I’d say my favourite CD purchases has been all the Pet Shop Boys Further Listening CDs when I saw Release and Elysium were out of stock so I panicked and hoovered them all up.
    Also the special edition of Pet Shop Boys Hotspot and the CD singles.
  7. One of my favorite CDs is Madonna's "Bedtime Story" digipak, which has an actual bedtime story inside! It's brill.
  8. It remains a treasured item. I’m terrified of the pages falling out!
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  9. Perhaps they learned from the Sex book.
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  10. It's felt really bizarre, and not in a good way, to be unable to just go into an HMV since..what...February....and see physical media on display. What I am buying online, I'm doing so pretty much blind. And no doubt some sets would tempt me if I saw them in the flesh.

    I've got around the inability to go charity shopping every week by having blowouts on discogs and eBay, but it's not the same. But I have managed to pick up some nice 80s/90s originals on my favourite albums on CD, in my quest to downgrade back to earlier pressings.
  11. The Chromatica Deluxe CD is the best version of the release (who wants a shitty pic disc in a crap cover?)

    Hardback cover, great photos and a few bonus tunes.

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  12. Love this idea for a thread, because a few years ago I had to sacrifice most of my CD collection for when we moved to a smaller house. Now I have the ability to build my collection again, but I don't know where to start!

    Streaming also throws me off because I'm in that mind set of "I can stream that". I'm lost and need direction!

    Also, where's the best place to buy CD so glad now? A lot of the charity shops around here don't sell them anymore.
  13. If you have an idea about what albums you want to get on CD again, you could divide a list into different types

    - Common best-sellers from the 00s
    - Greatest Hits
    - Older albums

    ..and so on. If you go to eBay, quite a few mass-sellers have multi-buy offers, where you get discounts and free items if you purchase X number of things. They tend to have loads of copies of well-known stuff, and also a lot of flop 90s/00s titles.
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  14. If your tastes are reasonably mainstream, Poundland is a good place to start
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  15. It took me a while to find a copy without any dints / wear and tear on it. But I finally got one and it’s a very nice item. I’m surprised it’s not more scarce.
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  16. Yes that’s a very nice item. The vinyl edition was very disappointing with the lack of artwork sleeve. It does sound great though.
  17. The Further Listening sets do looks lovely on the shelf. My faves are probably the original Saint Etienne Deluxe editions sets.
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  18. I was browsing Amazon CDs and vinyl and realised some new CDs aren't available directly through Amazon, only third party sellers, yet the vinyl is available. This really has me questioning just how far we are into CDs becoming 'rare items' like vinyl was in the 90s / 00s and one day sought after.
  19. It’s just a matter of time until CDs become a hipster thing, just wait. Records are just too expensive now and the sound quality is so hit and miss. I only buy them for my absolute fave faves.

    I am awaiting the return of a decent CD Discman, I see Phillips are doing one now, I’d pay for a new Sony one, they were great.
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  20. I've been thinking the same about the CD becoming a hipster item. Once a deluxe edition has been released I've been donating the old CD to charity but in the back of my mind I've been wondering if I should just stick it under the bed until the CD becomes the new vinyl.
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