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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Dennis, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. If it happened for cassettes (of all things!), it will surely happen for CDs.
  2. I did that for years, and then realised I should have kept the originals as in general they sounded better. Still, it's given me something to do since all this Lockdown stuff....browsing online to re-buy them all again.
  3. Regrets guaranteed and a perfect excuse to post this slab of remixed brilliance:

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  4. I always keep the originals even though a deluxe comes along. Sometimes I even buy the original (second hand) after I get the deluxe, if I really like the album. I like owning the album as it was originally released and sometimes the sound is even better.
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  5. I have noticed that too. New releases unavailable on CD after a couple of weeks. I don't mind ordering from third party sellers but have to pay postage that way. Amazon's quantities must be quite low if they're selling out that fast.
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  6. Are we talking proper new releases by reasonably well-known artists, rather than limited re-issues? Bit worrying..
  7. Pretty much most new releases, even chart-friendly stuff. They're usually out of stock before the thing's been out a few days.
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  8. Well for me, primarily new reissues and compilations.
    For new releases by well known artists, I tend to buy in a record shop.
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  9. Not good!
  10. I think amazon would be quite happy if CD died out. More streaming customers.
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  11. It’s a cost effective way of ensuring Prime members don’t extract too much value from their paltry annual subscription. Great for the p&l statement!
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  12. Most of my friends think I am mad for still collecting CD´s and BluRays, since I live in a country where it is pretty much impossible to buy new releases on physical formats. Import fees are quite high + shipping but I refuse to be pushed in a direction I have absolutely no interest in (streaming/downloads).

    Most people I know who still want actual releases have given up because of the costs and the hassle. It´s sad though - I keep noticing people acting like things simply do not exist if they are not available on Spotify or Netflix. Like there are no other options.
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  13. I hear you. I don’t have an issue with streaming. I have an issue with the idea of subscription. I like to own things I love. The idea of losing access to them when I’m dead broke traumatises me.
  14. One example for me is Deftones new album, released last Friday, quite a big Rock band, Amazon have no stock for the CD but they do for the vinyl.
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  15. This drives me up the wall, especially when the BBC are still putting out good stuff. A few weeks ago everyone was acting like The Fall was the second coming because it had landed on Netflix. It's just...weird.

    On the flip side I get a little thrill when someone's moaning about something not being on Spotify and it's sat right next to me in shiny CD form.
  16. I don't understand this mentality of the audience just accepting and consuming what they are given. As you said, if the film or TV show isn't on a streaming platform, it simply doesn't exist.
    I'm very much in the mind set where all of a sudden, I'll want to watch say... "Saved", a pretty forgotten film from 2004, I have this on DVD so I can watch it whenever I want, so I simply just need access to this stuff.

    But, at the same time, there is a lot of great new material on Netflix, I'm loving Ratchet, looking forward to The Haunting Of Bly House etc, so for that, I'm in the middle, where I enjoy my music and tv shows / movies physically, but I also fully take advantage of streaming for new content / on the go.
  17. Yes I agree, there have been many excellent TV shows produced by Netflix and many other streaming services in recent years. But I don´t want to buy subscriptions to 10 different services to be able to watch what I want. And I don´t want the shows to suddenly disappear when I am halfway through watching them.
    With Netflix, they really have been marketed like there is nothing else! They have hundreds of people constantly posting on YouTube, social media and blogs about what is currently being shown. There are loads of other places, like Hulu, HBO, Logo, FX etc that have excellent original programming that barely gets a mention because they are not Netflix. Some of it may end up later on Netflix but that can be for limited time, if at all.

    What I also really hate is that because they want everyone to buy subscription they will not release most of the shows on DVD or Bluray. Or they will release the first couple of seasons, make people buy them and then stop. For example, I imported the exclusive US version (Best Buy or something) of Stranger Things, seasons 1 and 2. Really cool packaging and I was looking forward to season 3. Nothing. But they will release soundtracks and endless amount of memorabilia.

    This really does not make people excited about starting to collect their favorite shows, when every year you just don´t know if it will come out or not. With Netflix for example, they have not released huge shows like Sex Education at all.

    I have been buying TV series on DVD/Bluray for 20 years and if these are not made available to me on physical formats then I will just have to make them myself. I started to do so this summer, fed up of constantly checking for physical releases that often never came, or that I had to import all they way from Australia. I really did not want to go that way as I always prefer to own original releases. But when the final season of a show I have been buying for maybe 10 years does not get a physical release I am not going to be happy to own Seasons 1-10, but not the 11th one.
  18. [QUOTE="djessie, post: 7733033, member: 22771"But when the final season of a show I have been buying for maybe 10 years does not get a physical release I am not going to be happy to own Seasons 1-10, but not the 11th one.[/QUOTE]

    I’ve held off a few purchases for the same reason. It’s infuriating.
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  19. Exactly. I feel that the market is being killed by the owners of the material, even more so than the general public.
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  20. The move towards streaming just shows how much further down the capitalist road we've gone. Power just gets removed from the people and all of this content is kept behind the walls of the massive global businesses. It's...unsettling. And elitist.
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