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I love Sade, but to be fair - and this is not a slight against Sade or their music - you can always find their CDs in the thrift shops/used shops. So, if you ever reconsider, I am sure you will find them again.
Yeah which is probably how I got them for a euro a piece in the first place.
In the end I like them as much as the average casual fan who doesn’t own their albums, it’s just that getting rid of them looks more harsh than never getting them

I hope you keep the Dream CD! Also I love that your Stacie Orrico has Sugababes hype stickers.
Haha before I got rid of some I swapped damaged cases with good ones so that messed some stickers up a bit.
I remember only liking He Loves U Not a little at the time but I think my taste was a lot more pure pop back then so we’ll see what I think of it!

The Force Behind The Power is Diana Ross’s best album.
Yeah I fear I’m just not (enough of) a Diana fan. Even Love & Life’s in the danger zone

I hope the only reason you're ditching the a-ha is because you have other, later compilations.
Nah, they’re men.
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Mvnl, this must hurt quite a lot to you. Just leave them inside of a box and, instead, focus on not getting brand new stuff for a while unless they're releases by your favourite artists.


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Mvnl, this must hurt quite a lot to you. Just leave them inside of a box and, instead, focus on not getting brand new stuff for a while unless they're releases by your favourite artists.
Well luckily there's currently only about 20 more CDs headed my way!
But until recently these all were in boxes in my basement, for over 3 years now (I once already decided these all could go), so it's at the very least time to get rid properly of the definite goners and to give the ones I actually want in my collection a place on my shelves again. It's just a bit shitty (and terribly confusing) how much 'in between' material there is and deciding where to draw the line really is the main issue. (Well and the fact I've had this plan for months now to start a blog where I revisit them one at a time but it's also sinking in now that means these piles will be around for much much longer and I'm not sure how to feel about that either)
At least the 'go' piles up to now don't hurt.
I used to go through my CD collection and if I hadn't listened to one in over a year I'd probably get rid. Not sure thar would work for a vast collection though.

Also, I second keeping Vitamin C!


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I used to go through my CD collection and if I hadn't listened to one in over a year I'd probably get rid. Not sure thar would work for a vast collection though.

Also, I second keeping Vitamin C!
Yeah there's plenty of albums here I haven't played in multiple years, including ones I actually love.
(A lot of the time I just got my whole collection on shuffle too. Part of this is my intention to revisit albums as a whole more, but even if I stick to my absolute faves that will probably take years so if I'd work from favourite to least favourite there'd probably come a point where I definitely realize 'okay I have more music than I can consume'. A lot of the albums that are probably not even in my top 1000 are still ones I know I'd be tempted to collect (again) if I didn't have them yet though, and then there's the fact taste keeps changing/some things I might not feel like today I might love tomorrow and well.. my brain is melting)


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And that's the first 500!
I think I'm halfway?

STAY (this one sorta started this all I think when after a Right Back At Ya episode I realized 'omg, why did I get rid of that one??')

GO (I got 2 more copies of that Westlife album, 1 including the same artwork + more tracks and I was still torn???!)

HMM (Got another copy of PCD on my shelves which has less tracks (?? Guess I went with the sentimental 'that's the copy I bought at the time' there? Same for In Blue actually... Gonna give disc 2 a replay, but the original album just is... the original album?)
Such a mystery! I wonder if an edition does exist and just hasn't been logged in Discogs? The LQ version does sound like it was ripped from a clip of some sort so maybe the livestream bit is true. I love obscure deep cuts like this. For years, I thought Mandy Moore's Feel Me was fake because it was listed on Wiki but never on Discogs. Eventually I found it on the Super Hits compilation!
I didn't know anything about Play or this album until today, but I had a look at the history of the Wikipedia page for this album, and it looks like an unregistered user from Brazil (who never contributed anything else to Wikipedia) made the first mention of "Boys Lie" appearing on a European version of the album when editing the page in August 2007. No sources were provided at the time and there still aren't any sources on the page now. Someone did removed the song from the tracklist in November 2010 but then it was added back in November 2015, again without any sources.

I wonder if Play fans have been on a wild goose chase for a 12-track edition of the album all these years? Perhaps there is indeed some kind of promo out there, but I would have thought a commercial or retail pressing would have surfaced by now.


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Major bops from your consideration piles! (I know you'll be listening at some point but just reminded me of the songs)

Yeah I expect bops from most of these (I'd almost put Nobody's Angel on the shelf by artwork alone. And the reverse for Gareth's album tbh) As for Emilia's: the album's already on my shelf but one of both was the reissue with different mixes of some songs and I guess I'll be comparing them. I don't like the album so much it justifies keeping two copies (I think).
Have two versions of the sophomore album two actually but I think (?) those just have (very) different artwork


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The amount of these I'd probably pick up if I came across them in a thrift store/charity shop.
I try my hardest not to think about that myself because there's a lot that aren't huge faves but I'd definitely be like 'oooh' if I came across them. (But then I probably got 90% of these in thrift stores in the first place)
If I put my lack of space worries aside for a second the listen pile pics do make me kinda excited when I look at them realising they're (still) all mine and I'm gonna be diving back into each one of them in the forthcoming weeks (years).

Poor Rainbow!
Yeah I'm not sure what is is but I think it's the only Mariah CD thusfar not landing on the listening pile?
I do love the artwork though, but overall I think Butterfly is the main one with a shot of actually hanging around.

(At this point the quote become irrelevant as this is no longer a reply)

Still half considering getting a bunch of these for the 'not hugely essential but still nice to have' albums.
(Or the 'they can go back on my shelf if I miraculously ever get a bigger place?' pile)

But at the same time hardly any of my releases now get even a friction of attention they deserve so narrowing it down isn't the worst idea.

It's very.. confronting though. On many levels. The way all of these at some point felt like 'Yeah I need this' and how with some that sense is now completely gone. Even for ones I got full price or imported. And sometimes the ones I'm least likely to want to listen to now feel the most like a little time capsule from a random period in my life? It's like letting go of moments and memories and realizing they've just.. gone by?
And at the same time there's things like Taylor's albums that really were almost gone because I hardly cared and where I'm now suddenly getting into her back catalogue years later?? Like in a way I could just hold on to everything because who knows what I suddenly crave next year??
(If by the way anyone sees a lot they like in the gone piles: they're up for grabs. I just fear it's not worth it shipping cost wise)