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Celebrity Big Brother 14 UK

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MrJames, Aug 15, 2014.

  1. Just cos.

    The likes of Paul Daniels, Lauren Goodger, Helen Flanagan, Lettice Robotham, Conchita Wurst have been rumoured.

    We've also been told that somebody current, and actually famous is going in.

    Tulisa? Could it be?
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  2. SBK


    According to Rylan and Emma on BBBOTS, this cbb is "CURRENT"

    A house load of TOWIE / Made in Chelsea stars?
  3. I haven't watched CBB in years, I will wait to see who goes in...

    (The Pete Burns series will always be the best.)
  4. Tulisa would be a catch for them, but from X Factor judge to Big Brother housemate? The decay.
  5. Lets just hope the winner will actually be worthy.
  6. Jim Davidson won the last one... highly unlikely.
  7. Oh God don't remind me. I'm going to have to make a conscious effort to like the biggest arsehole in there to avoid the constant disappointment of the winners.
  8. The one earlier this year is the only Celeb BB I've not watched. As soon as I saw who was going in I knew I wouldn't like a single one of them.

    By current, I hope they just don't mean a load of arseholes from TOWIE/Chelsea etc. I've seen people from Gogglebox and Benefits Street mentioned too. If it's people like that, then I definitely won't be watching again.

    I doubt Tulisa would do it. Isn't judges houses being filmed fairly soon, and she's helping Louis there. Although given how relaxed the producers are about letting the celebrities out of the house, they'd probably let her fly off to Barbados or wherever and then come back when she's done.
  9. But it was the best one ever!!
  10. My Uncle is a BB addict, and he said that too. I know you can't like every housemate, and sometimes the most entertaining ones are the awful people, but I honestly couldn't stand a single person in there. To watch, I have to like and be able to root for at least one person.
  11. SBK


    I hate that this has been taken over by faux reality stars from TOWIE etc.

    I know it must be a ball ache to find decent celebs, but I'd rather they only did one a year as didn't have to use "stars" from lesser "reality" shows.
  12. Oh it will undoubtedly be a load of reality TV rejects with a flop popstar and soapstar thrown in.
  13. I'm not sure I can cope after tonight's disaster.
  14. I think they should blend CBB & BB together to create one. Zoe & Helen (even Ashleigh since she won some beauty contest) would have qualified for CBB.
  15. I love how absolutely 100% spot on this is.

    I haven't watched a CBB series fully since Julie Goodyear.
  16. Oh my, Julie Goodyear...
    I love old Corrie and Bet Lynch is amazing pre-1985 but jesus Julie Goodyear wrecks my head. Her autobiography was very good though.
  17. I found her hilarious and absolutely fascinating. The chain smoking, foul mouth and the fact that no one knew where they stood with her except for Julien. It nearly made up for Pete Burns not being in Ultimate Big Brother.
  18. I have a feeling this series will be awful already after the shambles of the last week.
  19. Emma seemed pretty excited by it and I think it's clear she wasn't a huge fan of this series. So hopefully they've switched things up a bit.
  20. Last years summer CBB was awful, I hope this series is a good as January's.
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