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Celebrity Big Brother 2014

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by _hazzie_, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. I'm glad that Louisa and Jim sort of buried the hatchet a bit. Was a nice scene.

    I think the only one that doesn't deserve to win is Sam, she's the only one that hasn't really contributed to this series at all.
  2. Good god I hate Jum Davidson. He's like a fucking Bond villain.

    His manipulations are so transparent and yet the whole world is falling for it.

  3. It made me want to vomit.
  4. Sorry for posting that Casey video, i didn't realise it was going to be shown tonight.
  5. Thank goodness you don't edit the show, then!
  6. KAG


    Lee Ryan is a prat, however it's not nice that he's been receiving death threats. People take this show way too seriously.

    I think Jim will win, however I so hope Luisa pulls through. She has been awesome.

    Emma Willis is such a goddess. I hope she gets her own talk show one day. She's so brilliant at what she does and makes it all look so effortless.
  7. I did feel for Lee a bit actually.

    I loved Luisa's line 'One minute Lee was here on the sofa, the next he was off through the fucking clock!!!?'
  8. I wish I could do the clock thing to my enemies.
  9. Sam has woken up from her coma. This is the most she has ever appeared.
  10. This episode has had a lot of parts that have made me smile! It shouldn't always be about drama, and it's nice to see that they've all grown to respect and care for each other now! It does feel like some of them have grown up in the house
  11. I couldn't disagree more.

    Louisa's complete capitulation to that creepy, patronising, Davidson tool is totally depressing.
  12. His creepy uncle act, turns my stomach
  13. He is a bit creepy, Casey looked a bit freaked out.

    Also. How much time did they need to spend on trying to make Sam and Ollie, a look interesting and b, happen?

    Its not not going to happen.
  14. I'm not completely convinced that Luisa has fallen for Jim's charm. I think she's tactical, there's no point opposing him when she has no back up and she's seen what happened to Linda.
  15. Jim is quite clearly going to win.

    I hope Luisa can manage top three or runner up though. She is the best housemate they have ever had. Confirmed.
  16. Jim talking in a baby voice is so creepy!
  17. I still don't understand what Jim has done to be so popular? I can't think of one single thing?
  18. The odds to win for each celeb are...interesting reading.

    Jim's been nothing but a fine housemate the last fortnight- incredibly entertaining and quite endearing and relatable. I don't believe it's possible to play up to the cameras 24/7, 7 days a week.

    Luisa to win, Jim second and Dappy third would be my favourite scenario. Wouldn't notice if Sam actually somehow disappears via vanishing into the furniture rather than actually gets evicted. Her and Ollie have been total wastes of housemates right from the get-go.
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  19. Is it not a foregone conclusion that Jim is going to win this by a landslide then? I might give Luisa a cheeky vote to win later in that case. I'd be happy if Luisa got the legendary housemate third place spot.

    I think Ollie has been a good housemate but Sam has contributed absolutely nothing and can't have had more than 10 minutes screen time over the last 3 weeks (and most of that was last night). It will be so annoying if Sam comes second or whatever having done nothing to deserve it. I actually can't call the order of eviction tonight (I think Casey will be out first and Jim will win but other than that it's anyone's game).
  20. I had to laugh at Sam last night saying that if she won she'd be be speechless, "actually speechless". Er, hardly a stretch for her.

    Even when Jim's being nice he's slimy and his attempts to get to Luisa to sort of apologise for her personality and her sex life was a bit gross. T'was a good episode though, very nicely put together and a great closer to this brilliant series, ahead of the proper finale.
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